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Journeyman III

RX 590 how to switch between graphics and compute GPU workloads within AMD Radeon Settings

Hello! I can't find on my rx 590 in amd radeon settings switch between graphics and calculate. (i googled and it must be in the amd radeon settings=>global settings=>global graphics=>gpu workload - like here Is this feature has been deleted? I have Radeon Software 19.4.3, adrenalin 2019, win 7 64bit, i7 3770 and 8gb ddr3 with rx 590 sapphire nitro+

By the way, my software is in russian language.

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Seems like Compute Mode is not supported on Windows 7. This from this previous AMD Thread: Missing GPU workload option on RX580 

According to this other old thread a reason why Compute Mode may not be visible as per AMD Moderator RAY_M is that settings already are optimized for computer mode, at least on the Vega64, in this thread:No GPU Workload option on AMD RX VEGA64 Sapphire Limited Edition  

So either you RX590 is already optimized for Computer Mode thus not showing the feature or Windows 7 doesn't support that feature in the latest AMD Driver.

I went to my wife's computer that has a AMD GPU card (R7-360 series) on Windows 10 and that feature is not shown. possibly because the GPU card doesn't support that feature or is already optimized for computer Mode in my case.

Thnx! I consider that it's win 7 problem. Will try on win 10 soon.


It's still there on my Sapphire Nitro RX590 - on driver version 19.4.3 - BUT I'm on Windows 10. On a Windows 7 installation I do not have the GPU Workload option and I'm also not able to get a definitive answer if this will even be included at this point (since Windows 7 EOL on Jan 14 2020).