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Graphics Cards

Adept I

RX 590 HDMI Audio Crackling Popping video playback

RX 590

Windows 10 Pro. Version: 1909. OS Build: 18363.1139

Screen Resolution: 1080p 60hz

Chrome Version: 86.0.4240.183 64bit

Sound from HDMI crackles and pops after waking PC from hibernation.

Most noticeable watching YouTube videos in chrome.

Only way to fix the problem is to restart PC. 

Problem returns once computer hibernates and wakes back up.

Anyone else experiencing this?

4 Replies

Disable hibernation/fast startup. You don't need it, and see if the issue disappears. 

Adept I

Where do I find these settings?

If you are referring to Windows 10 fast start up, I already have that disabled.

If you are referring to Windows 10 Hibernation Power Settings, I really don't want to disable that.


If you have fast startup disabled then hibernation should be disabled. Unless this is a laptop there is no reason to not disable hibernation as the power difference between it and standby are supper miniscule. 

It is super easy to to try it and change it back if it does not meet your needs.

I certainly can appreciate if you don't want to do that. I just don't have any other advice then.

Plenty of other users and maybe someone will have some advice that helps better.

Good Luck!


Oh some info on how to disable and where and why: