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Adept II

Rx 580 nitro+ Black Screen/game Crash/ pc restart

Black screen, a lot.

from the beginning (sorry 4 bad english i'm from italy)

i've bought this rx580 nitro+ 8gb, and i used it in combo with an i7 7700 for 5 month, not a single problem, not a single crash, good performace and all of that beautiful things that i can only remember. then i sold that setup except for the rx580, and put the grapichs card in a new system with r5 3600 b450m aourus. since the first week i started to encounter in some weird black screen, so i followed a lot (and trust me) A LOT of forum and discussion, contacted amd support , sapphire support, but no one seems to have the answer, i've tried everything, starting from simple bios/driver/etc update ending to vBios Flashing(suggested by sapphire) and a lot A LOT MORE, still crashing every day, can't play a single game, can't render a single 3d animation, can't even browse the internet without a single crash/black screen, the crash it's totally random, don't know what to do, this card was working. dk do you guys know something that i can do? try to suggest i'm open to all. if it's difficult to explain and u don't have time contact me on discord

Ryzen 5 3600
b450aourus m
rx580 nitro + 8gb
rm650 corsair gold plus
win 10
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so the most of the error was like "dx error" "grapichs driver error" etc..


So one day I was out of my mind, i took my pc to one of my friend house and tried to switch all the component, gpu no success, cpu no success, so was not the mobo either, hard disk mvme etc


i actually tried some ram test with no error BUT it was actually the ram! i switched the ram, we plugged in my friend pc and he started to crash with those black screen, so i replaced the ram and now it's all ok! i suggest to try and one piece at a time! hope i helped out!

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Adept II

Hi, I'm from Italy too. I don't have your same exact issue. To me it happens just when I game.

What driver version are you using ?




I'll type in English just for the other ppl to understend us, i'm using the lastest versione now, with the default v bios, but i've tryed a lot of them

To me the crashes are more frequent when i play, but the pc can crash even when i'm doing nothing


No OC on gpu or cpu ?

No  temperature issues ?

I have not implemented any OC and I don't have any temperature issue. Also nothing in the system event log.

I guess it's an hardware issue. DO you know if a specific HDMI cable is required ?

Are you using HDMI or DVI ?

I am just asking to isolate the issue and try to find a common pattern.



To reply

no oc, no temp issues, using generic hdmi and a generic display port


Did you try to use a DVI cable ?


on my rx580 i don't have a dvi output, can i ask your spec? and when for the first time you experienced the crash/black screen?


I have a RX 570 8Gb, and my card sports a DVI connector. Are you sure to not have a DVI connector ? You r card should have one.

As I have a similar issue, I wanted to check if we could compare our issues and find a common cause.

I have not yet tried to use a DVI cable, but on some forum I found that in some case this should solve the issue.

It's worth a try ;)




Yes try, but it will not work for me because i don't have a dvi output, i'm litteraly getting crazy cause of this crash, think i'll wait for some other suggets, if u know something i can try le me know


I will try 2 things:

  • Replace my HDMI cable with a brand new type 2.1
  • Try with DVI

I will let you know as soon as I will have completed my tests.

Have a nice evening, and thanks for help.




I tested the GPu with FurMark and it was fine. No lock, no issue, nothing.

I am happy to say it's not a h/w failure.

Did you try to do an intensive test on your GPU with FurMark or similar tools ?

yeah, i've tried furmark, and nothing happened, no crash no black screen, i've tried do reinstall and old driver yesterday evening but with no succes, so i'm using now the lastest version, really don't know what to do, are u experiencing some really weird usage spike?(as always if everyone reading this post has some idea pls let me knowCattura.PNG

Think i made a new discover, browser was crashing cause of hardware acc, but not every game crash, i've tried several stress test but no crash, then i tried some dx Direct benchmark, and I started crashing right away. I Think my pc black screen only with directx program. Sry for this spam message :)

I am still trying on my side, so what I found is that for sure DirectX 12 is the most affected. Tried the same game with DX11 and nothing happened, but I have to do more test.


I've now tried a engine heaven for 20 min, occt for 30 min, 3dmark time spy from the start to the end and no crash, this is totally random

What PSU do you have ? What power (in Watts) ? Do you use an adapter to power your GPU or you have a 8 pin PCI connector direct from your PSU ?

rm650 corsair gold plus, it's brand new, i'm trying the suggestion from the guy, let's see if it works, see ya in a few days

Sorry to hear of your problems. Your English was fine. :smileyhappy:

In Radeon Settings set your power limit slider to +50. This may help the stability of the card. It won't hurt as it applies the power dynamically only as needed and is still in normal range for the card. 

I would highly suggest running the application OCCT from ocbase dot com. With this you test your system components and hopefully isolate if you have a GPU, PSU, memory issue etc....

This issue of yours could be power supply, memory, cpu, motherboard or gpu processor and or memory. So the above test can help figure it out. Also you can run HWInfo while running the OCCT test and watch in real time the power and see if it is holding as it should . 

I'm trying that, let you know in some day, ty :)

Nop, black screen again, most of in game, i'll try to provide some data for helping.

Scheda madre : new B450 AORUS M (rev. 1.0)
Scheda video: rx 580 nitro + lastest driver version - vBios default
Alimentatore: Corsair RM650
Ram : CMK8GX4M2B3000C15

Ram tested with memtest86, totally fine no error

This is an error that popped up after a black screen in game

Ty for your time :)



My RX 580 crashes a ton too and the only way I can avoid it is to use a custom fan curve and raise the power limit.

In Radeon Settings raise the Power Limit slider to the maximum of 50. That may help your game crashing. Also it may help to set a more aggressive fan curve that kicks the fans up to 100% around 65 degrees. Many of these Polaris cards while supposedly having a 90 degree limit seem to get into trouble in the high 70s and that can cause them to crash too. 

I also find that disabling the Windows Game features in Windows Settings helps overall stability as well as disabling hibernation/fast startup. 

You might try that stuff and see if it helps. 


Trying like this and let u know in a few days or if i crash

If you do still get a crash maybe push that 3rd bullet on the fan graph up to 100 too. Polaris can be really picky when it gets to its throttle point. Every chips point can be a bit different. 


i'll do that now ty so much for your time  :)


Still crashing, if u have any more suggestion please let me know


Same for me, even if it's more rarely happening now. What I can say it's that when I have this gray screen, and I have to reset my PC, Once rebooted and logged to the system for some second the GPU fans spin at full speed. Then they return to stop.

This happens every time I reset.



I have this same exact problem. I've tried a 3-4 different drivers and none of them have fixed it. 

@kiddo_ogami wrote:

Same for me, even if it's more rarely happening now. What I can say it's that when I have this gray screen, and I have to reset my PC, Once rebooted and logged to the system for some second the GPU fans spin at full speed. Then they return to stop.

This happens every time I reset.



yes, here too, 100% spin on pc start, don't know why,

with 50%+ power limit I'm crashing rarely, i'll try  the driver that the other guy suggested today or tomorrow and i let u guy know


Try combining it with a custom fan curve that kicks the fans to 100% at 70. In addition to the maxed power limit that does it for me. 

@BuHan wrote:

yes, here too, 100% spin on pc start, don't know why,

with 50%+ power limit I'm crashing rarely, i'll try  the driver that the other guy suggested today or tomorrow and i let u guy know



I think if I were you I would try using an old driver. The 2020 drivers for me on my RX 580 have been a nightmare. 

The last 2019 from earl last december is pretty solid. Still use the max power limit and a custom fan curve.

You will want to run DDU from wagnardsoft dot com to get a clean slate before regressing the driver.

You can get this older driver from guru3d dot com as AMD no longer hosts it. 

See if this changes things. It should at least let you know if your issue really is software or not.

I fear if this still does not work then your stability may be hardware related, IE a power supply or GPU issue itself.

You can do a pretty good test on your machines components with free software called OCCT from ocbase dot com.

See what it reports. 

If you need to pursue looking into issues with the gpu, I would get in tough with support from your cards maker and they should be able to figure out if they have other advice or if an RMA is in order. 




Ty for the reply, so:

i have alredy tried occt for like 40 min the last week, no error no crash.

it's true that since i had the power limit and the fans pumped up i'm crashign a less frequently, 

i'll try the old driver one, can u suggest a specific version?

ty for the time ;)

19.12.3 is the one I am using. It is from last December and the last 2019 driver.


If that doesn't help you could in addition down clock the card a little and or lower actual voltage and do an under volt. 

Personally I hate this as it means you are not getting what you paid for and personally would RMA the card first. But it may get you into stability.


Adept II

I don't believe it's your end, i bought my 5700 xt on winter everyday black screens, then it all stopped for 5 months or so, yesterday it started happening again. Yesterday Win 10 had an update. I'm 100% sure this is happening from microsoft end. AMD have released yesterday a new driver 20.11.2 so i'm going to try them out as well. i'll try to reinstall win10 if that doesn't work (microsoft updates patches are terrible messing files etc -i've had two games so far endless crashing once i did clean win10 install all problems solved.)


Polaris and Navis issues are really very different things although Microsoft sure causes a lot of issues with the changes they make.

Polaris for years now has benefited from needing a voltage ceiling bump and a aggressive custom fan curve. This alone fixes it for most. Some do have gpu issues and have to RMA them because that work around alone doesn't do the trick while other just have power deliver issues, do to things like an under powered or bad power supply. 

Navi's issues are different. Navi suffers from being the first generation silicon of a new architecture with drivers that in many cases just don't seem to make it work right. Hopefully that is all ironed out in RDNA2. 

Regardless for the most part Polaris works really well albeit with some tinkering. I still hate that as to me this stuff should work at defaults. 

It is always possible though that an OP has an issue that none of the above help will help. 


Tried everything, still crashing, even the old driver with power and fan custom, but everything is much better, think i'm going with that, but is not the final solution, but much much better ty so much :)


Run OCCT from ocbase dot com. Make sure it is not seeing an issue with the GPU or power supply or any other. 

If it does isolate the issue then RMA the component that is bad. 

If nothing is found and that GPU is under warranty you should talk to Saphire about your issues a see if they have a solution or offer an RMA. 

As a final solution you might wanna think about doing a clean win 10 installation and i'm not talking about restoring to a previous version because that would mean an older windows 10 version which will lead updating your OS and that is a major issue with crashes overall. Microsoft patches very often Windows 10 and that can lead to major errors on files, registration etc.
So to get rid of that, go to You will find the latest version on Win10 and choose "Download Tool immediately". Open MediaCreationTool follow steps and choose "Create Installation Media (USB flash drive etc). Once you complete the download on your USB, boot from USB and install win10. You don't need to add any Activation Key, once you install and you log with you Microsoft account windows will become registered to your pc.
Sry for my bad english i hope it helps.

While loading new windows helps for a lot and I mean lots of problems, this issue exist for just a ton of Polaris users. Search these forums and you can see for yourself. Many, many , many of them have said the reload Windows and it does not help. On my RX 580 I reloaded that system initially to no avail. That card has now been replaced twice in my main system and has gone into 2 subsequent other pcs in the house both with clean installs when transferred and it still does the same thing. 

It certainly can't hurt for the OP to try but depending on how much you have loaded can be a huge time consuming mess to do. If the OP wants to try and they have a spare drive, they might want to install to that just to test before wiping there main drive. 

Ok, nothing, still crashing, some day not a single crash another day i'll crash 20 times in a row, how is that possible I don't really know (even with old driver+ custom fan + 50% power limit) srsly don't know what to do, think i'm going to replace it don't know how. if someone has suggestion, know if amd want to do something, please let me know