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Journeyman III

Rx 580 low fps issue with overscan/hdmi scaling on 50 inch RCA HDTV

Long story short is that my hdtv 50 inch RCA was showing my RX 580 in 1080p as overscanned, the bottom windows taskbar was cutoff slightly, I tryed using hdmi scaling in amd radeon settings with gpu scaling turned on, it would fix the issue but now windows ran all sluggish of course low fps.

So I googled around and found out that hdtv's have a hidden service menu, I searched around for rca hidden code menu and sure enough found the code for it to access the hidden service menu where I found the overscan option and set it to 0 Horizontal and vertical because it was not at the 0 value it was over it on both causing the slight cutoffs in windows 10 at 1080p, 4k worked fine no cutoffs.


Not sure if this is the correct place to input this information but if its in the incorrect forum move it to the correct place  I just wanted to help anyone having this issue, thanks all, god bless.

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