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RX 580 Green screen and random crashes

Hey guys

Three days ago i was watching a youtube video (everything was fine) then my pc froze ,so i had to force it to restart ,what happened afterwards is that it failed to boot (it like starts to boot :the fans and the lights on the mb turn on then it stop and it restarts again ...) ,this happened to me like 4 times in the last two years so it wasn't new (reopening the case and cleaning some dust ,reinserting the Rams ,and rechecking the cables or clearing the CMOS solves it (i don't know what the problem really is with that tbh)) 

After restarting the PC ,i got some weird artefacts on the screen ,so i changed the HDMI port and cable and restarted it again ,it was working fine ,then i randomly get some green screens for like 3-4 seconds and the pc freezes ,the pc hasnt frozen since but the green screen issue still remains and when it happens it does so randomly (i played control for like 2 hours and everything was fine ,the temps ,the voltages ...),also sometimes after a crash the GPU won't even be detected and the screen doesn't show anything upon reboot  ,i thought maybe this was a driver issue ,so i DDUed ,reinstalled the driver and now the green screen problem happens less often (like once every two days) i didn't have any other crash or freeze after doing so ,but i can't quite understand what causes it (this never happened to me before ,so maybe it's the drivers ?or maybe the GPU is dying ?)

i did run a Ram diagnosis ,and it gave no errors

a GPU ,and CPU stress tests which were okay too


Windows 10 1909

-MB :MSI b150M Mortar Arctic

-Rx 580 with 2020 Adrenaline drivers

-Intel i5-6400

-2*4Gb Avexir Budget Series DDR4 Ram

-PSU :Thermaltake 650W Lite series

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