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RX 580 Graphic Issue

Halo AMD...

I've use RX 580 for 2 years since I build my own PC in early 2019. Early 2020 suddenly show some issue and I don't know about this issue, it's kinda flashing light at some point. I assume my problem is come from Radeon Software above 20.10.0, at that time I update that, this issue coming.

Long story short, I decided not to update Radeon Software above 20.10.0 for a while. It's running normally and the issue not coming again. But Valorant ask me to update the Radeon Software and I decided to update it, and I wish my problem already solved. At the latest 2020, I update to 21.9.00 (if I'm not mistaken) and the issue comes again. 

For Valorant, I can solve the issue by turn down the spec into low but this not applicable for Apex Legends, I already set the low spec at this game, but the problem still in there. 

U can see the problem detail from the video I attach... 

I hope AMD or anyone can solve this problem...

Thank you...

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