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Journeyman III

RX 580 fan running wild at low temperature


I am running a Radeon RX 580 on a Gigabyte motherboard: B250M-DS3H-CF

I have installed the latest version of Adrenaline (2020.1113.1501.27036 - although I have tried multiple versions). I have also tried MSI afterburn including uninstall of Adreanaline, but with the same result.

The issue: One out of two fans is spinning and making a lot of noise. The temperature is between 28-30 degrees Celsius and the fan is running like crazy whilst Adrenaline (MSI afterburn, speedfan etc) are telling me it is running at 720 RPM.  I have set my own fan-curve that should only go high than the absoluut minimum after going higher than 45 degrees.  When I change the fan curve to max I can actually see it is ramping up to  somewhere around 3145-3170 RPM. Physically I can see the second fan is in action as well and whilst the first fan does not really change speed.

Adjusting the curve back to lower levels I can see that Adrenaline is telling me the RPM is back at 720 RPM but for me I am seeing it still run like crazy. The only way that I have been able to really make it slow down is Physically blocking the fan from spinning (screwdriver). After letting go it returns spinning but at a much lower pace. Even when I ramp up the fan in the software again, it will go back to 3170 RPM and lowering the fan curve it goes back to 720 and also physically going back to the slow spinning version (just like I reached with the screwdriver).  After reboot all old issues are back again.

It seems to me that although the sensor is telling me it is running at 720, it seems the fan itself is spinning at much higher pace.


Is there anything I can do / check so I can acutally lower the fan speed. This wild spinning I am facing is driving me crazy and the temperature of 30 degrees also does not need the high spinning rate anyway.

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The fans should spin the same as each other. If they are not, one is defective. Talk to the support department of whom made your card. Likely it needs to be RMAd. 

The second fan that is not spinning at low temperatures, is actually spinning when I change the curve and make it ramp up. So basically the second fan is running more as expected than the first one. The first one is spinning like crazy and only when I intervene physically it works as expected.

From a hardware level I would conclude it is working as expected, I am actually more looking at the way the drivers work.