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Adept I

RX 580 crashes running 3Dmark Timespy


I recently brought a used MSI RX 580 8GB Gaming X and because is used, I ran a couple off tests:

- Unigine Heaven, in ultra settings 2xAA;

- TimeSpy tried 10 times, only completed the entire test 2 times, the computer freezes the screen goes black most off the times, one time rebooted on is one. I need to hard reboot the PC.

- Furmark about 15 minutes without problems.

My system is:

CPU: Intel i5-4690K

Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty H97 Performance

Memory: 2X8GB G.Skill DDR3 1333


Sound Card: onboard

PSU: Corsair HX-650W

Cooling: Antec - KÜHLER H 2 O 620

Operating System: Windows 10

Is the PSU struggling? I dont belive so, any ideas?

Do I have a Card problem?

Best regards.

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PSU is fine. Compare your BIOS version to ones in the TechPowerUp online database for that card make and model, make sure they match, ensure it hasn't been modified by modders or miners.


I checked and the Bios version is:MS-V34113-F1 bios

And links to this in TechPowerUP

VGA Bios Collection: MSI RX 580 8192 MB | TechPowerUp

It seems to me that the information is correct.


Ok. I used GPU-Z to check the BIOS. And I got the following result, so it seems to me that the card was a flashed bios.


But at the same time, i was reading treats about the problem and used Afterburner to Power limit to +10%, and did not had issue with TimeSpy in the first run attempt.

Some extra information



I think you're going to want to flash the stock BIOS just to be on the safe side..... if you bought that used, it's pretty certain it was a mining card and they likely forgot to reflash the stock BIOS, the BIOS mod they were likely using was an undervolting mod which is fine and stable for mining, but can cause instability with games.

Modding the BIOS usually wont change the version number, unless they're flashing a modded BIOS that was intended for another card, so it can be really hard to tell if you're running with a modded BIOS unless you actually enter a BIOS editor and ensure all the values are correct....... to be on the safe side, you should definitely just reflash it to stock.

Another catch would be that when you mod the BIOS, the drivers wont load without themselves first being modded...... it's possible though that a non modded BIOS from a slightly faster model was flashed, and that probably wouldn't trigger the driver security feature.

I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you start crashing in games. Does the Haven benchmark crash as well?


Heaven ran without any trouble, only TimeSpy is giving me issues.


So don't worry about it, 3DMark is the most useless piece of software in existence. Also, don't use Afterburner.


Thanks. Also why not use Afterburner? I saw, some discussions between Afterburner and Wattman but it seems to me a matter off personal taste.

And I use Afterburner, just because i already knew and for me is more easy to set the Power Limit and check the temps/usage thru the chart. And configure FPS and CPU/GPU load OSD in games.

Can Wattman do the same things? I dont really know i just look quickly at him.


Afterburner can have issues, and Wattman can do the same things, with Radeon Overlay easily toggled on and off at your leisure.

Adept II

Is there anything overclocked on the system ? Have you checked in the driver if the voltage/frequencies are right ? Have you monitored the temperatures to of the CPU and GPU to make sure they aren't overheating ?

Adept I

Nothing in my system is overclocked.

So last night i continued testing, and made only this change, I put the Power Limit to the max +50, and continued testing, and the the results were:

- Run AIDA64 for 10 minutes, GPU stress test only, no issues, temps became stable at 74ºC;

- Played SCUM for 1,5 hour with display settings on High, no issues, ran at 60fps with 74ºC, got lucky it was raining, storm like and that forced the GPU;

- Ran 6 times TimeSpy, freezed one time and crashed another and the rest ran OK, taking in to account the feedback from you guys, these might be a drivers\modded bios issue.

I'm leaning on keeping the card, because with as at a really good price (that's why i was really worried) and if i have any more issues I'll flash stock bios, perhaps the 2017-08-28? What do you guys think?

And i would like thank all you guys, u helped me  to troubleshoot the issue.

Best regards.


FYI even with a stock bios you will need to run at  +50, most that run games find they need to do this with the RX 480 and RX 580. This is literally the most common stability advice given on this site.

Now should you change the bios? Likely the bios loaded is for mining and is robbing you of some gaming performance. So if you are stable and don't care about a few extra FPS then no you likely don't have to change it. I however would go to stock if it were mine. 

Adept I

One last question, should I flash the Bios using ATIFlash?

Thinking to flash, these bios bios.jpg


Thanks in advance.


ATI flash is the only utility I know of for flashing AMD cards. But I have not done this myself in many years.