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Adept I

Rx 580 compatibility

Hello.. the rx580 8gb will work to my motherboard MSI 760gm(FX)?it has PCI-E but doesnt support just the old bios..will the card will support legacy bios too?Thank you..

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I have read that the RX 580 will work on some Legacy BIOS motherboards.

But to be sure I would open an online AMD Service Request from here: 

Also open a MSI Support ticket to see if the BIOS your motherboard has will support a RX 580 GPU card.

I am confused by the number of similar questions I see, because I have always thought that regular graphics cards (that have video output) have a vbios in the rom flash, which sometimes also has an EFI section. I don't really understand the idea of an EFI-only PCIe video card, do they actually exist? I would have said any issues that occur with a legacy bios board + newer graphics card setup has nothing to do with the firmware and boot loader, and is more likely the available # of interrupt queues, bus lanes, dmi links, etc that is the issue, but I am starting to wonder.

yes me too i know that the grphic card doesnt care your bios..just i wanna be sure because i read many problems like that like you said..others say is working and others no


Don't take that as a guarantee though! Like I said there are other factors, mainly resource allocation limits, that could make a card like RX580 "too big" for the motherboard to support. If it's a decent motherboard you bought separately, it's got a better chance than an OEM board. If the PCIe bus version is 3.0 and there's a full-length, full-width(x16) slot, I'd say it almost definitely would work. There are a ton of bios-based motherboards that could never work with an RX580, I was just saying that every single "graphics card" I've seen has a vbios spi rom. (By graphics card I mean like video cards, not something like the earlier intel phi, some of those didn't have anything like vbios firmware)


Thank you for your help