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Journeyman III

RX-5700xt boosing itself unresonably

For some reason RX5700 (sapphire pulse) with 1,9.9.2 driver tent to boost inself to the oblivion when you are in main menu or there is some sort of UI. 

So far I've noticed it in 3 titles.

1) BF5 when game is loading (the first time) and black screen appears, fans go crazy, meaning the rising of temps and clocks aswell. Just right after this first loading screen is passed temps and everything else stabilizing.

2) Hell let loose, with my custom curve fan curve and vSync, i'm able to run the game having temp around 65, but while post death UI appear, fans and temps go crazy, over 70 in a second, after disaperance of the UI screen, temps and fan speed normilizing.

3) World of Warcraft. A bit different story, for some reason one specifiic location and the specific place, tent to but t-junction over 80, leaving this place normilizing everything. 

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