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Journeyman III

RX 5700XT black screen problems, lower performance & weird electric noises.

Dear AMD's Community,

Drivers: 20.4.1; 20.2.2. - they don't matter. Problems are unfixable it seems.


I'm also one of you Guys who thought RX 5700XT was a great deal and now I'm stuck with this broken card and can't even RMA it. I bought RX 5700XT Reference Card with Gigabyte's branding around the fan, from a shop called "Media Expert" here in Poland. "Media Expert" acts shady and doesn't want to give me my money back, instead they repeatedly say they will try to repair it. Gigabyte support says it's not their product when I sent them S/N number. AMD on their website say, if you bought your card not from our website then you need to contact your manufacturer.


After first service repair I'm still getting black screens, card produces weird electric noises and the performance is lower than expected. I lost around 5-10% of FPS, e.g. in R6 Siege I used to have 205-212 in their benchmark, now I have 190-193. They fixed my problems with artifacts in .pdf files and in menus of some games, though.


I bought RTX 2070S from PNY to isolate the problem and all my problems with stuttering and black screens were gone. Sadly I can't afford both cards so I had to send it back.


Could somebody from AMD explain it to me?



Wojciech Sitek

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