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Journeyman III

RX 5700XT and Squad/Unreal Engine 4


i bought a new system based on AMD hardware a month ago because I want to play my games in WQHD.
Unfortunately Squad is almost unplayable with my new system. Every 10 seconds I get massive frame drops and lags.
As soon as I'm near vehicles or aiming at an opponent, the whole game jerks.
Why is that?
I also have the same problems with other games based on the Unreal Engine 4, for example Hell Let Loose or Post Scriptum.
I don't have these problems with my old GTX980.
I'm thinking about sending the graphics card back and buying myself an NVIDIA because I play a lot of squad.
Is there any information here whether the problems can be solved in the foreseeable future (drivers?)



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Adept I

In the exact same boat and play the exact same games.

The stuttering and hard frame crash is pretty bad at times. The high frames are great as if its giving the good college try and then it runs out of steam and crashes hard. I never experienced this on my old GTX 1060 6GB and always had stable frames. Could be a bad driver (using beta) (might need to roll back)?

This happens in Star Citizen too.

i7 7700k

5700 XT (gigabyte edition / temps are great)

16GB DDR4 3200mhz

WIN-10 64Bit

850 SSD (slightly old but again never happened on my slower GTX 1060 6GB)

Nothing is working for Squad UE4 Game. Major stuttering every 5 seconds.

Copy/paste issue from the other thread here: Unreal Engine games running terrible with microstutter

The FPS drops or lags could be in some moments:
1. microlags when spawning at main or rally point or jumping out from vehicle;
2. microlags when taking aim;
3. macrolags when grenade explode near you;
4. macrolags around 3-5 sec. each 15-20 min. without reason;
5. different microstutters on huge maps;
6. black grass on some big maps like Yehorivka (it could be seen immediately at load map menu when soldier logo is running).

Edit: I plugged in my GTX 1060 6GB yesterday and all my issues vanished in Squad too.

UPS just picked up my RX 5700 XT and I'm expecting a full refund later this week and will also probably go for an RTX 2070 Super.

I disabled VSync in Squad because I use Freesync. I actually tried to play without Freesync. No improovements.


did you use DDU to clean up old video drivers etc


I used DDU before and AMD Cleanup Utility when install newer driver after. Nothing changes.

Adept I

Journeyman III

Now that I have tried some tips and solutions and nothing really helped, my old GTX980 is running again in my system.

Frame Drops in Squad - gone
Shader Bugs in Minecraft - gone
Game crashes in The Witcher 3 - gone

I'll probably go for the expensive RTX 2070 Super and send back my 5700XT. Unfortunately...

But thank you very much for your answers!