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Adept II

RX 5700 XT - Still get black screens daily

I still get black screens (Probably driver crashes?) With the RX 5700 XT every day. My two monitors randomly get a black screen and only the sound continues for a while. I have to restart my PC almost every time with the power button then, because I'm not getting a picture back. I also have to turn off hardware acceleration in every program I run, otherwise I get a black screen every 10 min. I tried everything to fix it, driver or windows related, and please don't give me solution help, because I really tried everything possible and with professional help as well. I get the issue with EVERY driver patch so far. When is AMD planing to do something about it? This is unacceptable! I feel betrayed, not gonna lie about that, especially because it's my first AMD card and I bought a freesync monitor for it.

I need to know if someone else still have these issues with this card.

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Journeyman III

Are you having the reference card or an AIB one? i have the ASUS TUF Gaming x3 5700XT and i've been having constant black screen issue. Even when i am watching a video on Youtube on fullscreen i experience that. However i turned off VSA on the Radeon driver settings and didn't had black screen issue when watching youtube videos or playing games, but when i alt+tab out of a game like RB6 siege,GTA 5 or JC3 my screen goes black.Then i had to hit alt+enter to make the fullscreen to go windowed to able to see the game again.

I have the reference card from Sapphire. And I can't do alt + enter - it's a bigger crash than your ingame black screens. Only the sound continues for a while then everything is dead until I restart the PC with the power button. But yeah I had black screens on Youtube and Twitch as well. Turning off hardware acceleration in the browser fixed it for me in videos only. Tabbing out of a game can still cause a black screen, randomly when I play a game or in discord as well.

And where can I turn VSA in the Radeon driver settings off? Global options? Video settings? Is it even called VSA in the settings? I can't find it.


Its under Display in Radeon Driver Settings, its called "Virtual Super Resolution" sorry i mistyped it as VSA instead of VSR.


Oh you mean VSR... I have it deactivated since the beginning anyways.

Adept I

If your crashing ingame or,getting blackscreen with no signal or green screen and so on and so on

ive noticed that RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT are having issues with MSAA

if ur using wallpaper engine,disable MSAA completely,if ur running games,use only FXAA

if ur using discord,go to appearance and disable Hardware Acceleration

This should remove most of crashes,however there are games in which u cant change those settings,and might still continue to make your PC crash,but the stuff ive suggested should minimize the crashes

Community Manager

We have an existing thread on this issue which you can use to provide your feedback and track status updates.