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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT max VRAM clock speed during idle with 144 Hz display

Dear members,

I am happily using an RX 5700 XT since last december together with an AOC C24G1 display. Whenever I put the display on 144 Hz, the VRAM clock speed stays at 1750 MHz in idle, resulting in temps around 60 degrees (instead of 45) and more power usage.

Offcourse I have red a lot about this. I changed some settings in CRU, according to this nice overview: 

However, some settings work, but all text does get blurry, and in some other cases I get a black screen even after reboot, which makes me force to enter safe mode. Because of this, I am not very keen to edit all sorts of things in CRU anymore. I don't think that will be a durable fix.

Isn't there any legitimate fix for this? It is very unnecessary that this card gets so warm in idle and uses more power. Will AMD bring an update at some point?

Thank you.

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Journeyman III

I honestly can't believe that it would be a feature. It makes my GPU draw 36W when I'm just looking at my background picture. Imagine modern computers draw around 50 to 60W in total, so this would be insane. Moreover the temperatures rise to 60 degrees, whereas with 120 Hz (with 120 Hz the GPU clockes itself back to 200 MHz) the temperature decreases to around 40 degrees.

I suggest you to read this post: 

The topic starter describes very well what is happening.

I honestly can't believe that AMD is not describing this issue as "known issues" in the new driver release logs. How is this possible? It hasn't to be fixed in one day, but at least AMD should look at it.

Can someone from AMD comment on this issue?

Journeyman III

I don't know if this will work for you but I was having the same problem, and the fix was switching from HDMI to displayport.


The monitor is already connected trough DisplayPort. Switching to HDMI didn't fix it.

Journeyman III

the first stage in to the clock speed is 800hz but i dont know the Vram is only 1750 any solution for this ?  i zero rpm my temp is 51-55  any solution ???????

Adept II

Sorry for necroing, but has there been any fix to this? Or is AMD just like this is working as intended and everyone else has just given up?


Never realized, but my 5700XT does this too. In early review it says Idle should be like 12-15W. My 5700XT is pulling 33-36W but I wonder if this is because it is a factory OC'd model, so maybe not AMD thing.,6216-5.html 

I am having the same issue. When I switch the refresh rate to anything higher than 144 the VRAM Clock speed goes right to 1748 and stays there and pulls 34 watts of power instead of 14 watts. Even at 144hz I get a black flickering screen every minute or so.

I don't get or have noticed any flickering, but yes, high refreshrate locks memory to max. My limit though is 155Hz. Anything above that and it's max all the time. Resolution does not seem to affect.