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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

rx 5700 xt just stoped working on dads computer. Just bought card was working fine.

As stated the card isn't working.. I have done some googling but what i have tried so far isn't working.  I dled GPUZ

But the card doesn't even show up in the program. I tried switching pcie slots card still doesn't show up.

I dled the amd driver clean up program and ran that. still inst working.

It seems to me being a pc guy that the **bleep** thing updated a bios and now isnt working at all

I went to device manager and got rid of all my exclamation points as well.

I wasnt around when this failure started so i can only assume that my father was in the radieon software messing with the fans as I told him only to mess with the fan speed.


I can only assume that he saw a driver update and clicked on it the card wont even show up on the system now.


Card was working flawlessly for about a week out of the box.


Any help would be great.


windows 10 pro 64bit

32g of ram

1000 watt psu

Intel i5 on a  asrock z490 Taichi board


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