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Adept I

RX 5700 XT Crashes

Hello and sorry for bad English, it's not my native language.

So I have bought a Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT in September and have experienced many game crashes/hangs.

I already read many threads at different boards and tried many things to troubleshoot this problem.

But at this point there is no solution for me and I'm thinking about to try reclaiming the card.

(And replace the card with one of the green team, because I've read about similar issues since the Vega cards.)

At first my hardware setup (Everything bought in September):

  • MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi (Newest BIOS)
  • 32GB DDR4-3600 RAM (2 Modules, Dual Rank)
  • 650W BeQuiet Straight Power 11
  • AMD Ryzen 3700X
  • Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT
  • 2560x1440 @ 144Hz ASUS MG279Q (Connected over DisplayPort)

My operating systems are: Windows 10 (1903) and Kubuntu 18.04 (Only Version that worked without blackscreen), all up do date and the crashes occur on both systems in any game.

Under Linux I'm using the only available driver package 19.30. (Pro, because Vulkan isn't working in standard version)

Under Windows I've tried all driver versions since September: 19.9.1, 19.9.3, 19.10.1, 19.10.2, 19.11.1, the crashes occur on any available driver. (Of course I've reinstalled clean. With and without DDU)

Because under 19.11.1 I had massive fragments/flickering I've downgraded to 19.10.2. (Videos attached)

I've played some games under Linux and Windows so I know that even a change of the rendering API makes no differences, games crash anyway under DirectX 11/12, OpenGL and Vulkan.

The BIOS is at current available version, different versions (I have tried them all) had no effect.

The PCI slot is set from 4 to 3 in the BIOS settings (As mentioned from many users), but had no effect.

Changing the slot had no effect either.

The card is a little bit overclocked in stock settings so a friend mentioned to underclock the GPU, my current Settings are 1925Mhz ~ 1150mV. (Stock settings are 2000Mhz ~ 1200mV) Changing the clockspeed or the powerlimit had no effect, still crashing. (I've tried even 1700Mhz to be sure)

Temperatures are relative high in view of the fact, that I've set a high fan curve. (Up to 100% at 80°C)

GPU 70-75°C and Junction 90-95°C (average)

Different VSync settings had no effect either.

Currently Freesync and VSync are disabled.

The PSU seems good, there was no 12V drop under a Furmark stress test. (Tested under multiple clock settings)

When a game crashes sometimes there is a log in the Windows EventManager, but the most times there is no log entry at all. The only display related log is following warning: "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

Games played since September (all crashed randomly):

  • Tomb Raider (Linux)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (Linux)
  • Company of Heroes 2 (Linux)
  • Path of Exile
  • The Division 2
  • Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest (Base game isn't even playable but that seems to be a game related issue)
  • Sniper Elite 4
  • Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • The Witcher 3
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

I've played all these games on high settings. (And when they run, they run just fine) Some of them are not that performance intensive. I've tried different VSync settings, 1080p resolution, Fullscreen, Window, Windowed Fullscreen.

Sometimes it is possible to play for hours without a crash, but it's only a matter of time until the next crash occurs.

And sometimes games crash many times within one hour. (In this case a reboot can help)

So I wanted to share my experience with this card. My conclusion is, that there is no solution for me as a user than waiting for a new driver. On condition that these issues are driver related at all...

Update 22.12.19:

  • Issues persist even after fresh install with new drivers
  • Added Games to the list
  • New Bug with custom fan control
  • Added video of reproduced crash

In the meantime nothing has changed the issue for me. I've updated my Bios to the latest available version and have done a fresh system install. (Windows 10 1909, Manjaro)

Under Windows I've installed the drivers 19.12.2 and the upgraded to 19.12.3.

The problem persists in these drivers. In addition, the fan control does not work properly anymore.

Changes on the fan curve are not applied by hitting "Apply", the fans remain at 0rpm. Only by loading a previously saved profile the changes take an effect and the fans start spinning. After every reboot of the system the changes take no effect anymore, it is necessary to reload the profile again.

Update 26.01.20:

  • Bugs still persists with driver version 20.1.3.
  • Added RadeonSoftware.exe event viewer logs

Update 14.03.20:

  • Fresh Windows 10 install (1909) with everything up to date
  • Bugs still persists with driver version 20.2.2
  • Added Bluescreen picture (these occur since 20.2.2)

Update 22.03.20:

  • Bugs still persists with driver version 20.3.1

Update 04.04.20:

  • Bugs still persists with driver version 20.4.1
  • Added Blackscreen event viewer log (Occur in 20.3.1 and 20.4.1)

Update 10.04.20:

  • Added video of screen flickering after game crash under 20.4.1

Update 08.05.20:

  • Bugs still persists with driver version 20.4.2

Update 15.06.20:

  • Bugs still persists with driver version 20.5.1

Update 12.07.20:

  • Added video of screen flickering after game crash under 20.5.1
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Journeyman III

Return to base clock and use second pcie slot. 


I know, many users have mentioned that their issues disappear by changing the PCIE-Slot.

But sadly even that doesn't work for me.

I was able to reproduce a crash in a certain area in "The Witcher 3" (Video added today) so I've changed the slot and tested it, but it crashed again.

Adept II

trust me, you are not alone with problems with the radeon 5700, many other people to experience problem

dont forget to form to AMD staf "AMD Issue Reporting Form" 

at the bottom of this link,

i for an example can't even open monster hunter world. gives me BSOD at start upp

all of these problems seems to be driver related, 


Agreed. I've seen lots of posts about this. Have you tried using second

pcie slot?

I have a feeling there is an issue is with pcie x16 slot (main) because

using pcie x4 (second slot) allows stability and to play CSGO for example.


Additionally, I am using 19.9.2 driver (WQHL)

Journeyman III

I got the same problem too when I play Monster Hunter: world.

I bought XFX RX5700XT around one month ago,  each timer I play MHw, the graphic card will crash, sometimes I have to restart, and sometimes it will shows error 12: graphic device crash and the game will close atomatically.

It's really suck, because I don't know when it will crash, and MH won't save the game during the task ...

I have tried changing some setup in driver, like: close the freesync, update/roll back the graphic driver, return my 5700xt and changed a new one. None of them work...

I have to give up MH until I solve this problem... T.T

Journeyman III

Got the system crashing with a SAPPHIRE RX 5700 XT Nitro + ... Filled an issue on the driver page.

Totally random, I downgraded to my 7970, no crash so far (1 day)


Your motherboard might be out of date.

Install the latest version of your motherboard's chipset driver and its BIOS.

Last time I couldn't play $HIT on my new rig with a RX 5700 XT installed on my MSI B450M PRO M2 MAX motherboard. 

I looked for answers in the internet for a couple days and still haven't come up with answers. It isn't only games that crashes. Software like Adobe Premiere Pro couldn't even run properly. It crashes like games out of the blue. It only gets worse as games started crashing even at startup. I installed the latest Chipset driver and BIOS which were all provided on MSI's website. And it fixed my PC problems. No games crashed at startup and my PC has been running good eversince.


This doesn't work for me.

I've just created a new thread in the drivers section after a fresh system install with everything up to date.


There is an issue with compatibility between the drivers and the hardware

on certain GPUs. I ended up RMAing and it worked plug and play.

Journeyman III


Journeyman III

I support this post by reposting.

Adept I

Got my Sapphire 5700XT Nitro+ last November and not a single driver has fixed any of the issues ive had, black screen, 116 BSOD, total system hang generally followed by a total shut down.

Others have been waiting since July! how has AMD allowed this issue to go on for so long? What does AMD need from us consumers to get this sorted? ill post anything if it helps. regardless this is a huge mess up that has ruined alot of trust in AMD for alot of people.

Please AMD fix this, overall Its a great card but no "saving" or "price/perfromace" will stop what alot have already done after becoming totally fed-up, returning there AMD cards to get a nVidia 2060 or 2070, cause you know they acctually work...

Journeyman III

I had this issue and tried everything, narrowed the problem down to being the graphics card and the drivers, So I thought hey some people arent having this issue with their 5700XT so ill just buy a second one and see how it goes. My first card was an Asus Strix, this card is a gigabyte. Currently I have returned both cards because they both have had the same issues. Black screens in multiple games, random stutters, when waking the pc from sleep I get a static + audio bug which requires a full restart. All This on multiple driver sets, reinstalled windows multiple times on multiple drives, benchmarking the cards time after time. To be completely honest this entire generation of AMD's cards is a disappoint from a pure software standpoint. Im not going to wait months and months for AMD to get something together that should have been sorted before launch. Especially when that means if they never do ill have an out of warranty card or past the point of return. It makes it worse because at this point if I want a new card im forced to feed into the hands of Nvidia which is more money for less performance. Sad really. Your best bet is to genuinely suffer through owning the card and praying they fix this soon. Or going back to the 10 series cards. Im going to do the ladder seeing as how ive never had an issue with the many Nvidia cards ive owned/used from that generation, and i refuse to jump through a million hoops to fix a product i paid 400+ dollars for its purely unacceptable. Best of luck to you and your card! 

Yes, very frustrating and not pleasant.

I ended up having to RMA. And the newest Windows tested drivers.

Bought it for a good price, but after hours of troubleshooting, not sure I

got a good deal.

It's working now. Good luck to you.

Adept I

that's major issue with AMD 5700 series right now.. overheating issue, rendering issue, and driver issue..

The division of gpu in AMD is very bad although they cpu division very nice..

Adept III

hi, uninstall the latest win10 ubgrade as well as amd chipsed driver
Adept I

Had a similar problem, sometimes there was still sound, but mostly it was just both screens turning black and an instant reboot.

After changing GPU for another custom 5700 xt, changing PSU to a 750 platinum and every tweak I could find (updated Windows, GPU drivers, reinstall drivers without setting any profile when installing, installing 5 different older GPU drivers and many more), I contacted AMD and told them what my problem was. 

For me, the solution was to change my memory. I have the 3800 xt which safely supports up to 3200 MHz, I was using 3600 MHz memory. After changing it in my bios to 3200 MHz, it was stable and the crashes were gone. I then changed to a 2x8 GB cl14 G.Skill Flare X, single rank (F4-3200C14D-16GFX) kit, got the timings a little tighter 14-14-13-28, so it was still safe according to DRAM Calculator for Ryzen. I even overclocked the GPU a little now, haven't had any problems since.

I hope that helps!


I have tried my ram at the recommended 3200 (ramspec), 2933 (ryzen 2xxx rec') and 2133 (base clock no XMP) and made zero difference