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RX 5700 XT crashes and sttuters and shuts windows down

I recently got my rx 5700, i just can´t play, everygame crashes, tears, sttuters, shuts windows down, i have no idea what else to do, and my driver is up to date with the 19.7.2 version, do i have to ask for a refound to my local dealership or should i wait for this drivers nightmare to end?
My system

OS: Windows 10 64 bits, with the latest june patch 64 

CPU: R7 1700

Cpu Cooler: Be quiet dark rock pro 4 
Mobo: Msi B350 Gaming plus
Ram: 32 gb of gskill ddr4 3000 mhz
SSD: 512 gb m.2 teamgroup
Psu: 550 PSU thermaltake bronze 80+
Cpu Cooler: Be quiet dark rock pro 4 
Case: in win 101

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Community Manager

Your Power Supply is below the minimum recommended of 600W for the 5700 XT, this could be the cause of your issues. 


If he's running a stock R7 1700 that's max ~80W power draw if it's in a full on torture test. If the PSU isn't faulty and actually is 550W 80+ bronze I would venture to guess they aren't running into power draw limitations. Probably the same widespread driver issues other people are banging their heads against.

to be honest, i was worried about the psu, but as you said, it was not faulty, and under any circunstance a new gpu should artifact, i went to the retail store and they told that the gpu was dead, bad luck i guess, now i have a 2070 super, and my theory just confirmed, my 550w psu handles it pretty much fine, despite my msi trio 2070 super using a tdp of 215 w (2 x 8 pin), similar to the 225w of the saphire 5700 xt, and it runs fine, i changed the psu to a 700w, just to be sure to care of my investment, but for 3 days, the 2070 s, performed very well witth the 550w psu.

Yeah kind of frustrating that support responds 3 days later with something that isn't even likely the answer...kind of realizing these forums are mostly useless, but I'm glad to hear you got it sorted out with that 2070 super!

thanks bro


hi ik this conversation was back in 2019 and you are probably not going to get this reply at all. But back when you had the 5700xt did you ever go into event viewer and try and investigate the problem? if you did then did it ever come up with critical- kernel power 41 and if it did, did the 2070 fix that problem?


у меня такая же проблема, пришлось купить nvidia