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Journeyman III

Rx 5700 XT black screens, games crash

Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card crashes into a black screen with sound (trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr), or all games just crash.
I can play for 6 hours and there will be no problem, and sometimes I can’t enter the game menu. BIOS latest version.
The store said that the card works stably, this is not surprising, because in work tasks it works without fail and it passed all the tests.
I tested the video card in the furmark test and the video card worked for 8 hours and there was no problem. I have been waiting for a solution to this problem for 5 months, tried all the drivers, wrote to the manufacturer, changed the power supplies, and nothing helps.

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Adept I

Welcome to the club, I have this issue from christmas, yesterday installed latest driver (20.4.2) and screens are black until disconnection/reconnection. They are working on from christmas. For me the most "stable" it's 20.4.1, sometimes I experience only 2/3 seconds of black, surely unusable with competitive games online.
At today there is no solution.

Journeyman III

Well, same here... How is it possible to have that kind of problem on a high value graphic card ? The price for the 5700XT is about 450€ in my country. 

What I can't understand is that it worked fine for about one month and started to crash my PC or the game on Warzone (black screen, BSOD, or game crash with directX error). I tried to get back on old drivers but nothing worked, and many tricks I've found about the issue without any result. 

Let me apologize for my English, I'm French

at first in early 2020 there were only black screens in some games, then they began to appear in almost all games. with the latest drivers, a rare problem was added to the rare black screens - all games just crash and crash to the desktop. I cleaned the drivers with the help of the DDU and put the old firewood when these crashes were not there, but they remained
400 euros flew into the trash


Is there a way to get rid of crashes in games?


I think no, it happens to me randomly, sometimes in idle, sometimes on a cd program, few times in doom and csgo, sometimes in benchmarks, but I don't see a correlation (trust me, I have 2 screen, I have double chance to take a black one )


I payed the same for a model with more phases etc. As I see there is no connection betwheen heavy load and blackscreens, if you have a multimonitor setup you can see applications (heavy too, happens to me with a benchmark) still running. I hope to have a solution or a refound, I cannot spend 450 on a gpu less reliable than a 9500gt.
Actually I have freesync off virtual super resolution off and 20.4.1, sometimes I experience few seconds of black screen.

Don't worry for english, I'm Italian, mine it's less than perfect

Adept I

Hey, I had the same issue and I tried everything check my last comment in my thread. It is fixed for me !!!!