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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT (1 year old) will support directx 12 Ultimate?

Hello, i recently buyed a Asus Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB ROG Strix OC for 550 euros,

i want to ask if i must sell it or i will get an update or something to support new Directx 12 Ultimate?

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Yes, it will support dx12 ultimate, but not all features (like hw accelerated ray tracing,  variable rate shading)

So what are the features it will support?

Why isn't there any official communication on the topic from AMD?

Do you really want another instance like the Zen3 chipset support debacle?

Well, let's hope RDNA2 will be so cheap that all Navi buyers will want to switch to that instead of Geforce, if they want DX 12 Ultimate features...

I think AMD   screw us big time they knew  about DX12 ultimate technology at 2018 and decided to leave RDNA out so we will have to upgrade after 2 years...

NVIDIA released Turing cards in 2018 (RTX 2000) and it will support DX12 ultimate...

This is so sad I own rx 5700 for 6 months and my next card  will probably be NVIDIA...

I really thought and belived that AMD cares about their costumers, I mean to develop XBOX/PS5 and to put in that gpu support but leave all pc out? that is vey low... 

Adept III

For Short The Answer Is No.

Why? Because The API of DirectX 12 Ultimate Wasn't Implemented In RDNA.

But I Suggest That You Keep Your Card As Long As It Can Serve Your Needs Besides Selling Your GPU Now Will Make You Lose Alot From It's Value.

I Speak From My Personal Experience Because These Things Don't Come Cheap In My Country I Paid Like 545.73$. For The Nitro+ Edition.