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Adept II

RX 5700 Constant BSOD + other issues

Since I put together my new build about a week ago, I have had nothing but problems.

My setup includes the reference Sapphire RX 5700, a R5 3600, and the Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite.

My monitor is a LG 32QK500-W.

This is on a fresh installation of Windows 10 Home, with all available BIOS and Firmware updates installed.

First, with 19.7.5 I was running into consistent Video TDR Failure BSODs citing Atikmpag.sys, and the occasional Page Fault.

In addition to the crashes, WattMan has been completely unavailable, with all options and the graph being completely blank.

When I wasn't crashing, most of my browser use was completely unstable, with images, sound, and video consistently stalling and disappearing, and my Windows notifications being filled with "Firefox has been blocked from accessing the GPU".

I then discovered that disabling Enhanced Sync caused all video streams, whether YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc in 1080 or above causing the GPU video decoding to spike to 100%, dragging the entire system down to a crawl until lowered in quality or closed.

Update to 19.8.1 the other afternoon, along with yet another fresh installation of Windows 10, and in the short time before fiddling with some other settings, I encountered only 1 TDR Failure crash, when logging back in from sleep mode.

After some time, I read in the forums that LG monitor owners running at 75hz have been running into some issues matching mine, and so to see how it would affect me, I lowered to 60hz.

With that, I no longer run into TDR failures, or maxed video decoding with enhanced sync disabled. In addition, WattMan appears to be fully operable, and I have even been able to make use of the Auto (X) options with some improvement!
Unfortunately, I am now running into more, different BSODs.

The most common seems to be the Page Fault in Non Paged Area, with Kernel Security Failure following in consistency. There is also a third that has only happened twice, and I can't remember just what it was.

In-game performance tends to be fantastic at best, and at worst running at one fourth of what it should be for no apparent reason. Sometimes just rebooting seems to fix this issue temporarily.

I have run extensive 3DMark benches, and get wildly varying results each time.

TL;DR, are these Drivers just terrible, or is it time for a RMA?

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Community Manager

The issue described in the OP should be resolved by updating to the latest driver here > 

View solution in original post

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Adept II

Mere moments after I submitted this, I ran into the BSOD I couldn't remember. IRQL Not less or Equal

Adept I

I am having the same exact issues your having. The workarounds littered in this forum I've tried have lessened the crashes(same BSODs you've listed, random shutdowns/restarts) but I still do get them from time to time. The worst was last night, I was playing cs:go for about 15 minutes and then my screen went black and I heard the GPU fans going full speed as in really freaking loud I thought they were going to explode.

I feel like these are driver issues. The crash I mentioned above seems related to the issue in this thread RX 5700 XT memory clock stuck causing high temps when idle .  The card memory clock stays at 875mhz even when your not doing anything resulting into your card overheating and shutting down the pc.

Okay for me it turned out that gpu tweaks 2 from asus has a conflict with adrenalin 19.8.1 and thats what was causing atikmdag bsod , simply uninstall it and then try to upgrade to 19.8.1 and all should work fine 

Adept I

Try this:
I got that from AMD tech support team regarding my Fortnite and BSOD crashes while trying to run Fortnite. Fortunately, turning off Enhanced Sync fixed my issue. But this may help you. It's full reset of bios and drivers.

Reset the motherboard BIOS (clear CMOS). Remove the CMOS battery for few minutes and reinsert it.

Once after resetting the MB BIOS, please reseat the graphic card (unplug and plug the GPU on the same PCI slot). 

Please try the below suggestions and check the status.

DDU Tool: (This tool will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind.)


Please disconnect the network connection and disable antivirus before running the installer file. 


·         Download the drivers and DDU tool from above links.

·         Restart the Computer into Safe mode.
Run the DDU tool and select Device type (RHS of the tool) and select Clean and restart.
Once the system boots into normal mode, run the driver installer and follow the onscreen instructions. Once the drivers are installed, reboot the system.

Though I truly hope this works for anyone else, it did unfortunately little good for me when support got back to me a few days ago.

Cheers for sharing this!

I would add that if the great advice already given does not help to make sure you contact AMD support: Online Service Request | AMD 

Also talk with the support departments of the companies that made your gpu card and motherboard.

Journeyman III

"Page Fault in Non Paged Area"

Your system ddr4 memory is no good, remove the docp a.k.a xmp profile and return it back to stock. Your going to have to up your memory voltage a bit if you want to run its profile. Make sure to stability test the memory using Aida64 or prime95 largeFFT (memory test).

It's at stock. Haven't touched a thing. Ran multiple memtests at different points of build, with no issues.


I thought this was particularly a driver issue the last time I installed 19.7.3, but it turns out it was indeed a memory related issue. Nothing wrong with the memory modules themselves, just the timings were garbage, even tho they werent particularly tuned. After fixing it all up, BSOD's are gone.

so what did you actualy do ? whats the fix , i have team t force 32 gb ram 3200 mhz who are running at 2400 mhz , since i did not unlock it from bios yet for them to work on 3200mhz 


I followed Steve from HWU's guide and used Ryzen Timings Calculator to manually tune timings and take everything off of auto. Not only faster memory now but actually stable.

i did not  actually understand who is steve from hwu guid if you can provide a link that would be awesome cause i am stuck in the problem thx in advance 


Hey hkalach, I think shinkojiro may be referring to this video -

3rd Gen Ryzen DDR4 Memory Performance, XMP vs. Manual Timings - YouTube 

Shikojiro, correct me if I'm wrong

Okay for me it turned out that gpu tweaks 2 from asus has a conflict with adrenalin 19.8.1 and thats what was causing atikmdag bsod , simply uninstall it and then try to upgrade to 19.8.1 and all should work fine 

Adept II

Sadly, none of the fixes suggested have been able to do me any good. I seem to only be getting IRQL errors now, maybe down to once or twice a day.

I have checked all of my crashdumps with WhoCrashed, and the seem to point to software being the likely culprit.

Which? I have no solid idea.

I only believe them to be connected to the GPU in some way because it is the only piece of software I'm having tangible problems with.

I've been having the same exact issues. Disabling hardware acceleration in FireFox "fixed" the BSOD's for me. Not really a "solution" but might keep your system up and running. I'm assuming Chrome also must have a way to disable hardware acceleration.

Thank you so much,
I solved my problem thanks to you.

What worked for you?

Other than swapping out the RX 5700 for an old RX 580 I had, nothing at all has helped. Starting to wonder if going all AMD was a wise choice or not. I am going to try 3 things when I get home today:

1. setting the PCI-E mode to Gen 4 (thankfully Asus ignored AMD and still has this enabled on their B450 boards)
2. setting the monitor from 144hz down to 60hz
3. cleaning the driver off and installing an older version (19.7.x and then 19.5.x)

I will post back with results

Disabling hardware acceleration in FireFox

Adept II

Wish I could mark this as "Yet to be solved". Crashes are still happening, no suggested fixes work. Issues seem to be sporadic, as well. One minute, it's inconsistent performance. The next, it's crashing drivers.

Another, it might be that enhanced sync has decided to act up.

The list goes on.

Tech support insists on endlessly reinstalling either windows, or the driver.


Unless you marked it as solved then a mod must have marked it solved. To me if you are the OP and it is not solved I don't get the assumed solved either. I have seen this done to many threads in the past that are better left alive and not marked as solved. Maybe a mod can change this back for you.amdmatt


No, assumed answered is applied automatically by the forum and is out of our control unfortunately.

That is a shame this forum software doesn't allow you all to override those things manually. Thanks for the answer though.

Adept III

I'm having very similar issues.  Multiple BSODs every day with a wide variety of errors, and some strange video playback issues in youtube where portions of the video are static or stutter between frames.  Video playback in firefox seems to be the number one thing that's happening when I get BSODs, I can run productivity applications all day without issues.

I just tried disabling hardware acceleration and will see how far that gets me. 


RX 5700 reference


R5 3600

At this point I'm wishing I'd just settled on a vega 56 or a 2060. It's not fun to buy a bunch of new shiny hardware and deal with this when my previous FX8350 build was rock solid.  Hopefully these issues will be sorted out soon. 

Let me know if that helps at all, I've been contemplating it the last few days. Firefox isn't the only thing I'm having problems with, but it's definitely one of my biggest.


I disabled hardware acceleration in firefox, discord and spotify and changed my power settings to performance and haven't had any instability besides the system freezing once after the monitors had been turned off. So far it seems my BSODs were 100% cause by hardware acceleration.

To clarify it is a driver issue not hardware acceleration that is the issue. Turning it off just means it avoids the GPU all together and process it on the CPU. It isn't a fix, it is a work around until AMD corrects their driver flaws.

I'm trying it now, hope it helps for the time being.

It is a deeply unfortunate side effect of these issues, because I shouldn't ever need to do such a thing.


This has been an ongoing back and forth issue in the drivers for about 2 years now. They get it working an then it is out again. The issue is that they really don't have just one evolution of drivers. They have branches and they come and go again as current drivers. So an issue will get fixed in one branch and still be present in another. I don't get why they do that. 

Adept I

I am having the exact same issues as you man with the exact same reference Sapphire RX 5700, nothing makes this system stable... exact same BSOD errors, the atikmpag.sys, VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, page fault in non-paged area... etc

I am at my wits end.

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x

Cooler: Scythe Shuriken 3
Mobo: Asus ROG Strixx B450i mini-itx (BIOS 2602)
Ram: 2x16gb Kingston Hyper-x Predator DDR3600 CL17-19-19-39 (currently running at 2400mhz CL18 defaults)

SSD: Addlink S70 2TB nvme pci-e gen 3

PSU: Corsair SF600 SFX 600w

GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 5700

Monitor: Dell S2719DGF 1440p @ 144hz

I have started a return for both my RAM and my GPU, I will let you know if I am able to eliminate one or the other.

Turn off FireFox Hardware acceleration. Turn off Enhanced sync.

Run DDU and reinstall your drivers. I would actually uninstall any third party AV and use windows defender during this process. Shields off\ DDU safemode restart\ Install GPU Driver restart\ install windows update restart\ shields on. If that doesn't work and it's not a pain I would completely reinstall windows and do not use a third party AV while until windows fully updates.

Adept I

so i DDU the graphics driver and im still getting 

random restarts. This makes me think that the drivers are either not the problem or not the only the problem. Does anyone still get crases/random restarts without the adrenaline drivers? 


Turn off FireFox Hardware acceleration. Turn off Enhanced sync.


Nope. I have absolutely zero issues without any drivers installed.


Without any drivers meaning the basic graphics drivers from windows?



Adept I

Turn off enhanced sync, Turn off Hardware acceleration in FF or IE. Update to the new driver, just came out. Uninstall any third party AV, Reboot. And or use DDU reinstall tool in safemode, Reboot. Install the newest driver. Reboot. Then finally if all else fails reinstalls windows and do not install a third party Antivirus until windows is fully updated. Helped me.

Adept III

The problem is the driver, 19.7.1 works fine for me, the only version that NEVER have a BSOD, 19.8.1 constant BSOD, 19.8.2 constant BSOD, you can even force a BSOD by your own.
Just open an YouTube video on some browser with Hardware Acel. active... Instant BSOD, open some x264/h264 video on Windows, instant bsod.

Try to play some game/software that use GPU video decoder/encoder, instant BSOD.

AMD needs to fix this.