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Adept II


I just want to make sure I'm not freaking out and worrying, considering AMD runs hot in general. What is the BEST safe zone for my RX 570 for temperature? I don't want to mess with the tuning settings within Radeon, because I'm afraid I'll break my GPU fans. I've noticed when playing FFXIV, the highest temperature would be around 83-85 Celsius and the RPMs on the fans being between 2300-3100. I'm not sure what RPM range is good for my GPU fans without them going bad quickly. Keep in mind, I only play FFXIV, WoW and a bit of God of War 


Should I keep my GPU tune settings to default? Manually customize the fan tuning and dabble with the clock speed? I don't kno

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I can't really vouch for that, even if its a reality with several AIB's.

I had a RoG Strix RX480 and it was very well built, ran very cool and silent.
At Zero Fans and it would stay in the 50ºC while working lightly on the Windows.

Gaming at an average of 60ºC with mild OC and maybe 65ish sometimes 70ºC with heavy OC, still silent with fans at 900-1000rpm.

But again, RoG is a whole different story.
This is how a RX480 compares in size with a RX6800, not much of a difference, except for the thickness.

I tuned the RX480 with adrenalin, I had no problems but I tired of painting a perfect picture when so many are encountering problems. Yet, this is what I feel and so does my brother who rocked a MSI Polaris card for so many years without an issue.

There are hard limits then there are the "I don't want that temperature" limits.
I wouldn't run the card for extended use above 80ºC, eventually after some time, running with these temps, its bound to fail somehow.

Maybe its time to check the airflow of your case and maybe put some fans, lift it of the floor if that's the case.
Clean the card and the PC frequently.

And there's also undervolting if you want.

Good Luck





The Englishman

I just looked at some videos and about undervolting. I had to set mine up like this. Thank you for the advice! 

Do some stress testing before making this a valid config.

Maybe a run of OCCT for 1 or 2hours then game by all means. If it does not crash and temps are sub 80 like you were having before..

Its a win!

The Englishman

I did the stress test on the settings in the screenshot I posted and no crash. I also did a stress test on the default version and no crash. Sooo, I think I'm good!

How is the temps. A bit better?

Glad it works amazingly.

The Englishman
Adept I

In December 2022 I discovered that my Gigabyte RX 570 was hot (70-80C) but did not shutdown - I run two 4K monitors for work.   I just do browse and Excel work,  no real gaming except for Command & Conquer which does not move the needle much.    I never tested the video card back in 2019 during initial install so maybe the fans never actually worked.

I found out the the fan's wires were loose.   I secured the all wires in the connector and the dual fans worked as expected.

I have my fans run at a minimum of 35% for all temps less than 41C.   38/39C is my normal operating temps;  my CPU temps are about the same 33-36C.

I ran the Furmark stress test and Adrenalin stress test and I peak at 50-52C.

Below is my fan curve.   I do not overclock anything.