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Adept I

RX 570 problem

Hi for some time my graphic is working like this and i don't know what do to.

I have tried reinstalling drivers/installing older /using ddu/lowering vram clock etc.

Gpu temps are normal(not above 80-85°C)


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Does those artifacts only occur in one game or all game or all the time?

If it is just one game than the problem is probably with the game itself, in all games could be the driver or a problem with the GPU card like overheating, overclocking, bad power, or it is going bad.

If it happens all the time then most likely your GPU card is going bad.

I would stress test your GPU card and see if the artifacts occurs or not. That might direct you into whether it is your GPU card or driver or game issue.

There are several very good GPU Stress testing programs. I personally like to use OCCT.

Anyways, when you stress test the GPU card check for Temperatures, PSU Outputs, Fan speeds, etc during the time you testing the GPU card.

OCCT has a PSU Stress test that might indicate a power issue for your GPU card artifacts.

NOTE: another good way to check your GPU card is by installing it in another compatible computer and see if the same thing occurs or not.


So it started when i was playing Witcher 3 and driver just timed out the same thing happened in CP77 so i was thinking that is a game engine problem but now it happens in every game even in Wallpaper Engine.

My gpu is 3yo and i don't think that it can be psu problem it would appaer earlier than after 3 years.

I can run OCCT and give u a report


Forgot to mention it can also be a game configuration. try running the games in the lowest possible options and see if the artifacts occurs or not.

Also configuring the games in Radeon Settings.


00:00:00 - Info - Test schedule started at 2021-12-19 20:58:22
00:00:00 - Info - VRAM - Started (Duration : 01:00:00)
00:01:46 - Error - VRAM - 886707 error(s) found
00:01:46 - Info - VRAM - Stopped
00:01:46 - Info - Test schedule completed



OCCT tests some of the GPUs RAM MEMORY. Seems like OCCT is saying you might have some bad RAM Memory on your GPU Card.

Try running a program specific for testing GPU Ram. This article mentions OCCT but also mentions others:

Note: It mentions to run MEMTEST in OCCT to test your GPU RAM Memory.

Screenshot 2021-12-19 091935.png

EDIT: But use the other programs to verify OCCT results.





I used also MSI Kombustor and the artifact occur(not in all test) program was ussing only 3gb of 8 available vram.

I see that MSI and Furmark both have Artifact testing.

But it seems like your GPU card is going bad.