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Journeyman III

RX 570 issues

Hello everyone. I sent my graphics card to the maintenance so now I'm using my other graphics card which is RX 570 4GB from Asus. It's not that old as I bought a year ago and used it for like 5 months but I started to experience some weird problems and it started after the first 3 months. I was using the new one so I didn't care at the start. I tested it with different utilities but I didn't get to see any problems. My PC doesn't start properly sometimes. GPU's fans spins at the full speed at the start and I get no visual on the monitor till I turn off the PC from the power button and of/on the back power switch. Reset doesn't work so I have to use the switch. Sometimes I have to switch on/of and try it like 5-10 times to get visuals. After that it starts properly without a sound. There is some weird visual error on the top of the screen too like a horizontal white line which I added the screenshot of it. It always there no matter if the PC is on or not. I tested the monitor so it shouldn't be that. Taking the card out and putting it back in doesn't work. This card has Coil Whine problem but I didn't returned back at the time because it didn't matter to me and I still have warranty so if nothing can fix this I have to send it there to get fixed at the end. I will be glad if you guys offer some opinions.WhatsApp Image 2020-09-13 at 19.55.48.jpeg

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You may be experiencing a display cable problem. Or you may be having problems with old drivers not being cleaned fully. Or you may be experiencing startup problems because Windows fastboot is enabled. It is difficult to infer that the GPU is faulty with the image you shared. It is necessary to connect your system to a TV and make sure.

I made sure there was no problem with the cables today. That visual error is not the only problem though. There is a problem with the boot sometimes too. And I noticed today that when the boot problem happens it's not the GPU's fans that spinning at the full speed but the other fans. I don't know if it's CPU's or case fans but it's not the GPU's for sure. So I'm thinking it's probably the Motherboard with the problem but I'm gonna try your suggestion with the TV today. Windows fastboot was never enabled before and I turned that on today, It realy helped with the boot time. That white line fades a bit sometimes but comes back after couple of hours but It's not visible right now, hope it never comes back lol. Anyway, thank you for your opinion on this as it somewhat enlightened me for some reason.


Did you ever fix it? I have an old broken Gigabyte rx570 and I recently got a different GPU because it didn't work. My rx570 would crash my system and make my monitor flicker green then turn off the entire system and I would have to flick the PSU switch to get it back on whenever I installed drivers or even tried playing games. I have considered taking it apart because I don't have warranty anymore but I'm not sure. Before I upgraded I used GPU-Z and figured out it had a normal default bios so I'm not sure whats wrong, What did you do with yours?