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Journeyman III

Rx 5600 xt tuf gaming low fps

Hi everyone

I have a rx 5600 xt tuf gaming and the gaming performance is VERY BAD.

Absolutely all games perform poorly for me, and I have fps drops that are constant, for example 90 to 40 fps. Even in certain games they do not go back up, it is as if the graph is not powerful enough.

I clarify that I play in a resolution of 1080p.

My PC:
* Ryzen 7 2700x
* Rx 5600 xt tuf for gaming
* RAM 16 GB
* HDD 1T
* Ssd 240gb
* PSU evga 600 + bronze

PS: I already did a pc formatting, I checked disks, I tried many versions of drivers and a thousand more tests. I have no temperature problems.

PS 2: The games I tried: Metro exodus (During the start of the game I have an average of 75/85 fps, when I go out in the first open area it already works at 40 fps), Metro 2033 redux (It is an old game and even indoors works at 40 fps), Assassins creed Origins and Oddysey (The same, from 40 to 45 fps), Torchlight 2 (Yes, a super light game, depending on the areas I get to 45 fps) Far cry 4 and 5, (minimums of up to 40fps), gta v (sometimes it works for me at 90fps, then it works for me at 40/50), and the same with most of the games I tried.

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Adept II

how is the cpu usage? try to change resolution with software amd radeon , i had the same with 6700 xt


How do I change the resolution?  

I have not mastered the amd software yet I currently use 1080p.


if you monitor is only 1080p you need go to radeon software -settings - screen and virtual super resolution ON , and after change resolution and try again the games


ok i made the change in amd software.

Now should you try playing at higher resolutions within games?

Or am I still trying to play 1080p?



I did the tests with metro exodus.

In the first open area of ​​the game:

1080p: 45 fps
2k: 40 fps

It still works very badly.


I'm the same as you but with a 6700 xt...


The truth is that I don't know what else to try. I can not find any kind of solution. I have investigated in forums, web pages, even asked in hardware groups and nobody knows what it could be.

Do you also have low fps?


My fps more or less but i have many stuttering


That sounds bad.

If you find a solution, please let me know.

I added you to friends within the community

Adept III

hi @aragorn032 

I have a problem similar to yours with:
Average temperature rx 6900xt in 70c games (2000RPM)

cpu: i9 9900kf Average temperature in 60c games

Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z390 gaming with WIFI

2t ssd NVMe (all games are installed)

480 g ssd (for windows)

16x2 ram 3000mhz cl 16

Windows 11 64 bit

PSU 800w Radeon Software Adrenaline 21.12.1

2k monitor (2560x1440p) 165Hz DP port
After a few checks, I realized that old games do not use all the power of the graphics card, for example, I use only 30% of my graphics card in the remaining 4 Dead 2 games.
New generation graphics cards only seem to achieve 90% performance with the DX12 and Vulkan alone.
For example, in cyberpunk 2077 and my graphics card control is used to 99%.
Try to increase the resolution scale in the game
But I'm surprised you did badly in the Metro exodus game

best regards - from iran



Hello, thanks for commenting.

In metro exodus my gpu uses 99% and my cpu 26%, which is normal, but the performance is very bad.

I did not check the use of GPU and CPU in more games, but in many the % is lower but in any case I still have those brutal fps drops, it is as if my graphics card does not have the power to run the games.

Journeyman III

Hello, I’m also experiencing the same problem, for example on gtav I’m getting only 55-65 fps which is 30-40 less fps than the benchmarks I've watched. Its also the case for the rest of the video games i play, have you fixed this problem yet, if so can you tel me how you did it, i really want the performance i paid for