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Adept II

RX 5600 xt COIL whine (very loud) after 1 week of use

New sapphire RX 5600 XT with new bios.

My coils started to whine at 1800-1820 mhz core clock in witcher 3 menu. Was normal for 5-6 days played around 6-7 AAA games. Then yesterday it started to make this very high pitch noise and crashed 2min later (temps were at 67C). Now the coils whine even in windows idle not very high but louder then my zalman 120mm fans at 860rpm.

And now my radeon drivers just crash when i try to open them like in the screenshot.

Should i RMA ? 

I have gold 80+ 750w psu (5-6 year old).

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Journeyman III

Hi I have same Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT card with 500 watt PSU, from day 1 it started giving coil whine only when game starts and its around 2-5 second in the game. It doesn't crash though. I have Windows 7 and had RX 270 before which was running fine with same mobo and psu.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

Cpu: AMD FX 8350

Any suggestions or

Did you manage to resolve it? 


No its getting worse and worse now its louder then my 1200 rpm fans. Even in desktop windows and im getting random crashes while browsing web


Actually my bios was stock I hadn't updated it to 14GBPS one still had that issue, then I tried to do RMA, as it was just 2 days old purchase I was sure for 1 to 1 exchange for which Sapphire service center was ready but said didn't have any stock due to current COVID-19 situation and second option suggested to be sending faulty card to China and they will send back new one which could take 6-7 weeks I said no and I went to retailer in Simlim Square(Singapore) and he was kind enough to replace it for me.
After replacing that issue is gone, but still sometimes when PC boots I could hear that coil noice for a half a second around but its mild and unnoticiable when case side panel is closed. I would suggest you also get it RMA'ed coz the shortage issue might crop up soon.
Also as I confirmed Sapphire Singapore gives 1-to-1 exchange for 1st year warranty and repair for 2nd year.


Hi, I have a Arock rx 5600 xt and when I start my computer it also makes this terrible noise. Useally what I do is restart my computer. If that doesn't work, I try to put my fanspeed to 100% through msi afterburner. That always works for me. Maybe you could also try this.