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Journeyman III

RX 480 overheating even when loading games

My RX 480 ASUS ROG STRIX 8GB OC is overheating. but not just overheating, it is getting to over 90 degrees!!! Even when just loading a damn game it gets to 78. when it goes over 90 degrees it shuts down my whole pc by just cutting the power instantly. it happens in any game, and started happening about 2/3 months ago. I tried all the obvious things like taking it out, dusting it off, checking if all fans spin. The weird thing is, even when manually overriding the fans to 100%, it gets up to 80-88 degrees. I think I just have a malfunctioning card. I'd be happy to answer any questions and hope to get some possible scenario's!

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An overheating GPU doesn't shut the computer off, it just locks up, so your real problem is either your CPU overheating or power supply being unable to provide sufficient amperage at 12v. Run an AIDA64 stress test on everything but the GPU and monitor the +12v voltage.


lol I am no fool. The first thing I did was replace my 650 PSU with a 750 PSU which both should be more the more than adequate. I already ran all components for a stresstest in aida and the only one which made my PC crash was the GPU. I know GPUs aren't supposed to crash PCs but the temps match up with the crash, as soon as it goes over 90 on the GPU it crashes.


Have you tried replacing the thermal paste under the GPU cooler? That's probably all it needs..... Make sure to use non conductive, non capacitive thermal paste..... Arctic MX-4 is what most people use, and is probably most recommended....... you will want to spread a thin layer of it covering the GPU die, you may also want to buy some thermal pads to replace those on your VRAM, they've probably dried out by now too.