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Journeyman III

rx 480 issues at 4K on TCL P-Series TV

Hi all,

I have an RX 480 running via HDMI 2.0 to my TCL P-series 4K TV.  I have no problems if I run at 1080P, but whenever I run it at 4K, 60hz I have issues.

I tested it again last night while mucking around in World of Warcraft, Archeage and Divinity: Original Sin 2.  I had set the resolution via my desktop to be at 4K, 60hz and the same as in-game and everything seemed to be working fine.

After some time (maybe an hour or so) I'd start getting the familiar "flickering".  If left alone, it will continue getting worse during the session and may eventually completely go to a static screen.

Has there been found to be any resolution for this?  Or is the RX 480 just incompatible with 4K gaming?  I haven't seen any definitive solutions during all my googling for this issue.

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Adept I

When you say "static screen" are you talking about having the whole screen go to random-colored pixels?  And by "flickering" is the whole image dropping out to white, or is it the "static screen" that appears really quickly?

I have a thin horizontal bar that will pop up randomly, and it is comprised of randomly colored pixels.  When the signal is completely screwed up, I'll get a black screen, then the display will pick up the signal briefly for about half a second, then it goes to full static for about a tenth of second before going back to black and repeating the process. 

I have a VegaFE, not an RX480, but if the problems are very similar, it is possible that this is a driver issue.

Adept I

I got the same Problem, and i cant fix it but i seem some patron that may helpyou

1a.- The cable HDMI, sometimes its one cheap cable and as soon it get hot it fail, you can try changing a better cable

1b.- Change between Mode 1.0 (4k 24Hz) and 2.0 (4k 60Hz) on the TV HDMI Mode Option sometimes a fast change between those or a timed one will fix, Its some like a cold start fail, i sometimes conect to the computer via VNC, Teamviewer or similar go to Screen config, Adaptator propieties, and change from 60HZ to 24, Wait the 15 secnds to automatic restore to 60 and the problem goes away, Also when i start the monitor and says NO SIGNAL, i conect remotelly and change from 60 to 24 and get back to 60 (depends on monitor if you can do it fast or wait on every change to work, it could be tricky not allwais keep 60hz on first try, and some times i got a complete CPU freeze)

1c.- The memory on the card becomes hot, and do some funy stuff like glitches pops, out of sync ETC, you can try to speed up your fans or try to get cooler the VGA, specially Mems

Those solutions are independient one of each other, but together may fix almost all your glitch problems, including the one of NO SIGNAL