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Journeyman III

RX 480 gaming x 8gb problem

i'm gonna try to explain my problem
so i've been facing this problem for a long time when i let everything at stock the cards fans goes to 100% in gaming and when i check the temp i find 50c° or lower but what i noticed is that the card really pushes hot air and the back plate is very hot.
i try to go to wattman and edit the settings for exemple i try lowering clock speed and voltage and i modify the fan curve to 1100mhz on 1.050 v and it runes silent but when i touch the cards it's still very hot i mean the back plate is dead hot and it finally crashes.
so there may be something that's getting too hot and i can't sse it even with H64info wich shows that everything is normal (gpu never surpass 60c and vrm 65c) what can i do in this situation ??
thank you

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