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Journeyman III

Rx 480 - Display not detected after pc upgrade

Good day,

I have upgraded my pc's motherboard and cpu from a I5 to a x370 gaming pro carbon with a 1800x inside it.

For this upgrade i have also re-used my ssd's with windows on it. (I am assuming this will have nothing to do with my issue?)

After the upgrade my third monitor(which is actually a TV) stopped working and is not showing up at all in my windows screen display.

Monitor 1 is connected true HDMI

Monitor 2 is connected trough Display port

Monitor 3 is connected also trough display port

While the machine is booting up monitor 3 it is showing the loading of the bios and when windows loads the screen goes black and is not detectable by windows.

If i un-install the AMD driver (with Amd cleanup util..) the pc actually sets Monitor 3 as it default display?

All point out there is something wrong with the display?

Would anyone have any idea what i could pursue and try?

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what drivers are you using, what condition is the Cables at hopefully new as a common issue can be cables getting old. Amd cards are very picky with cheap cables I found with my own experience, another thing is make sure you got a decent PSU way over wattage could be your PSU not putting out enough juice after boot to drop 1 monitor. I suspect either PSU or cable issue if everything was working fine before. Another idea is reinstall your OS to suit with fresh Bios & video card drivers could be a corrupted update from switching from intel to AMD. I suggest to reinstall windows first then check all cables & PSU as well run a power usage app to get the true value of you system full power draw.


Good day,

Thank you for the reply, My bad for replying so late, work and stuff.

Anyhow, The challenge is to try to find a solution witouth re-installing windows, i have a sql sever running with a few VM's with scrapers.

Since i need any solution witouth installing i went ahead and installed a watt meter, The system pulls only 150 wat booting up, so the psu of 700 wat should be no problem?

The cables are brand new, not to mention when the amd driver is un-installed the monitor 3 is showing image, only when the driver gets installed it dis-appears.

Any other suggestions perhaps for me to check?