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Journeyman III

RX 480 8GB - PC freezing while gaming and restarting.

Hello everyone, i bought this GPU about 4 years ago and as i said. The PC will freeze while gaming or while i'm staying in lobby ( Warzone, PUBG ). The model is a Gygabite G1 Gaming. 

First i thought it could be from the motherboard, processor, rams. But that is not the problem, i upgraded my PC and kept this video card.

My config now : 

- RX 480 8GB G1 Gaming

- 16GB of ram, corsair vengance 3200mhz

- Power Seasonic 620w

- Motherboard tomahawk max b450

- Ryzen 5 3600xt

I saw some suggestions about lowering the clock and more, but the photos were from 2017, and with the new 2020 software wattman is not available anymore and i don't know how to use this 2020 software.

The problem looks like in this video, after the crash happends, i wait 2-3 seconds and the PC will auto restart. 

I really hope u can help me find out the issue. Love to you all. Thanks !

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