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Riser for an AMD Radeon R7250X


I own a Dell OptiPlex 3020 (USFF) and tried to connect it with an AMD Radeon R7250X (SAPPHIRE R7 250 2GB Radeon R7250X AMD Video Card Map 128bit HDMI VGA DVI GDDR5), but it doesn't fit. Now I'm trying to connect it externally, as I noticed that there's a component named 'riser' for that purpose. How can I find the appropriate riser for this card and how can I know that the power supply of my 3020 will work with it, please?

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Downloaded your Dell OptiPlex 3020 PDF Specs. Here is the important parts:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

According to this PSU GPU Website you will need a minimum rated PSU of 430 Watts. So your Dell's PSU will be under powered for that GPU Card.

You will need to upgrade the PSU.

There are many YouTube videos on how to connect a GPU Riser to the your PC. Here is one Tech site show how:

NOTE : I was going to suggest purchasing a External GPU enclosure (eGPU) but you will need a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3/4 port on your PC which you don't have. The eGPU has it own PSU and PCIe slots for 1-3 GPU cards. Depending how much you want to spend on a eGPU.

Thank you for explaining this.
I have this port:


Any chance it will be sufficient?


That Dock is to connect regular USB type connections and video outputs.

If you were asking about using the Ankar Black to connect a eGPU enclosure it won't work. It needs a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 or 4 Port.

Here are 4 best USB-C eGPU enclosure:

You have a fairly old Dell PC that came with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 and older versions of USB 2.0/3.0.

You will need to put the GPU Card on a PCIe riser outside your computer case and replace the PSU.

NOTE: I found a PCIe x 1 Card with both USB-C ports and USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports that you can add to your computer if it fits from Amazon:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

With this PCIe or similar PCIe with USB-C output ports you can connect a eGPU Enclosure that requires 20Gb of bandwidth if  it fits inside your computer case.

You can also purchase a Thunderbolt 3 or 4 PCIe card. Dell has them but they are very expensive:

You can google PCIe card with Thunderbolt 3 or 4 outputs to get possibly cheaper card rates.

But purchasing a PCIe card, eGPU Enclosure, and GPU you might as well purchase a new PC with a newer GPU Card installed already, in my opinion.

The R7-250X is not supported with AMD Driver updates. The last Drivers are from 06/21/2021:

EDIT: A riser and new PSU would be cheapest way to go.


I'm sorry but I just figured it out now, that the Dell OptiPlex 3020 is SFF and not USFF. Does it change something?


No, it is the same except maybe a different computer case size and some other minor differences.

Here is the DELL OPTIPLEX 3020 general spec sheet for your Dell PC:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

The SFF (Small Form Factor) has an even less powerful PSU of 255 Watts.

The above is an image from the link I gave you for the PDF file to download.

Note: have you tried looking for a Half Height GPU Card. That might fit in your case.

Here is the best low profile GPU cards for 2022 from this tech site:

From the above link here is the best a ZOTAC Low Profile GTX 1650:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

The above Product Description shows the dimension of the GPU card. Compare it to the dimension of your SFF Computer case and see if it fits. Then you need to upgrade the PSU to a minimum of 380 Watts. I would install a 750 Watt PSU if it fits in the case and is compatible with your Dell Motherboard.

EDIT: Some OEM Motherboards like HP has a special PSU installed because the Motherboard power connector is not the standard 24 pin type. So you will either need to physically check to see how the motherboard is connected to the PSU or open a Dell Support ticket and ask them if any standard 3rd Party PSU will be compatible with your Dell Motherboard is it is applicable.

See if Dell has any Low Profile GPU cards that will fit in your Computer case.

There are many small GPU cards but they are generally very old type.

Also you can always upgrade the Intel processor with a better Integrated Graphics.

Thank you very much for all the information. It might sound silly, but is there a way to connect the GPU to a cheap portable (external) PSU while the GPU is also connected externally to the motherboard through a riser? that's mean that the GPU is totally outside the 3020. Is it possible?
Anyway, it seems that there are specific Discrete GPUs that Dell recommends for OptiPlex 3020 SFF: only AMD Radeon HD8570 or AMD Radeon HD8490. Getting one of those can make the upgrade of the PSU unnecessary?




I don't know.

An eGPU enclosure would accomplish that since it comes with its own PSU installed.

You will need to ask Dell Support about which GPU your PC with the PSU you have installed will work and fit in your computer case.

You can rig up something where the GPU is outside the PC using a Riser with the PSU outside also.

But you will need to short out two pins in the 24 Pin Motherboard connector from the PSU to turn it on. You can then use the PSU to power both the GPU and Riser. Plus you can install a newer supported GPU Card with a strong PSU.

Found this YouTube on how to connect a PSU outside your PC. It uses a little circuit board that shorts out the 2 pins on the 24 pin cable:

How to install a GPU outside your PC case using a Riser:

EDIT: You can open a thread at the many Crypto-mining websites since they need to connect several GPUs to one PC.  Someone there might be able to show you the best method that worked for them.

Also if you install a too powerful GPU card with your old Intel Processor, the GPU card might be severely bottle-necked by the processor.

But in the end it will be better just to purchase a new PC with a new GPU Card installed.