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Adept I

Restart PC while in game - Rx 6650 xt


- Sapphire Pulse Rx 6650 Xt. (cpu: r5 2600x, mb: b450 Aourus eilte, ram: Kingstone 2400mhz 16 GB, psu: Thermaltake 530w).

- It keeps restarting, reboot PC, sooner or later while in game. While working in Adobe programs, or idle, everything is fine.

- Temperatures are fine.

- I switched from Nvidia gtx 1060. Did a ddu properly, and properly install drivers.

- Psu shouldn`t be a problem, (because Nvdia gtx 1060 was more power consuming, and worked fine).

- Tried more of tricks like disabling DCOM and some services, moving paging file, etc. which I found here or other forums, but nothing worked so far. 

- It might be, (not 100% positively sure) the latest Windows update that cause the problem, because as I remember it, gpu worked fine, without restart before that, but as I say, I am not sure. Played mostly Forza Horizon 5 and God of War without issues (before the win update).

- Please help.



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Journeyman III

Same problem here, fixed it with uninstalling newest driver and installing previous (22.x.x).

Try it, might be a fix for you.

Adept I

Agree with @joca2k20 , I also had to downgrade the driver (crash in game, lag when running OBS...) and indeed version 22.x.x is fully functional. The 23.x.x should probably be reworked ( R5 5600 + 6700 ( not xt) )

I am really new to Amd, could you tell me what exactly drivers are those?

Currently testing with 22.5.1 but with uninstalled latest Windows update, and set High Perfomance in power options.

So far played Forza Horizon 5, for an hour and Witcher 3 a bit, and it seems fine.


(Sry double post, cant Edit.)

Its not win update, got restart again.

Adept I

Changing drivers didnt work.

Did a Furmark test for 30 min and it is fine, with 73 degrees max.

Is it yet possible that it is my 530w PSU failure, but only in Fifa 23 and Witcher 3?

Because error I see in Adrenalin notif. is "default wattman restored ..."


Do you find the solution? Having the same problems with The Witcher 3 (PC immediately shuts down when game started). I have 700w PSU, btw

Adept I

If you overclock, your power supply may be too tight, I refer you to a post that talks about your problem (to be adapted to the current taste of course) :


Journeyman III

Same for me pc reboot while gaming...

I just got my brand new ASUS ROG Strix AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT installed driver 23.2.2 and is not stable at default clock speeds (2729mhz) it crash reboot my pc on occt gpu stress test (and in some games) only if I raise the power limit to +10% then it's stable at 2550mhz.

I really don't know if it's an issue with the card since I just got it or the driver... tell me if you have any news thank you