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Journeyman III

[Request] Remove Resolution Limit on VSR

Hello AMD.

I wonder below features can be implemented.

1. Removing Resolution Limit on VSR

    Lately, maybe max res of VSR is 5120x2880.

    On the other hand, DSR(nvidia) has a lot of res over 8k.

    I don't understand why keep resolution limiting up.

    Anyone how does it think about it ???

2. Adding Removing filter of Shimmering to VSR

   VSR can make more clear high res gaming experience.

   But shimmering is still exist.  Mainly it is made by light in game and when moving it turns out.

   Shimmering disturbs nice quality gaming because of repetition moving on textures.

3. SSAA Compatibility Management on DX9 Games

   This SSAA is not VSR's SSAA effect.

   It is implemented to radeon settings and is introduced Sparse grid SSAA(

   This type AA is super powerful to remove jaggies, even shimmering.

   The matter is AA forcing compatibility on DX9 Games. Radeon has somewhat low compatibility.

   In fact this might be useless because these days almost games are made of dx11+ not dx9 .

   But it still exists a lot good dx9 games though it is old.

   If it has time  manage to expand this compatibility please...

I hope 1, 2 features should be implemented.

Thanks Bye Bye.

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