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Journeyman III

Request/Idea: Configurable Output (and sleep) for Multi-Monitor setups

Hello, I am new to forum so IDK if this is the appropirate place to type this. Mods are welcomed to move this discussion. Here's my issue.. I have a triple monitor setup that I need for CAD, but I don't really need that screen estate while gaming or browsing the web etc. Short version is; I would like to set my unused monitors to enter sleep/power saving mode on demand...

Long version of what I would love to see is this: A customization menu (with keyboard shortcuts) within each monitor menu that;
a) With the press of a key, driver stops sending data to monitor, so that specific display enters power saving mode, but leaves windows side as it is... This way icons, open applications etc won't jumble across the other monitor. This would be a nice privacy feature as well..

b) In addition to above, a tick-box so driver wakes up the sleeping monitor if it detects any change in displayed content. So if I open a new app on that display or move something there, the monitor will turn on. Perhaps another option to include/exclude mouse cursor movement (ie; accidentally moving the mouse for a few seconds won't turn the display on)

c) timed "turn-off display" mode like just like in Windows, but time is configured differently for each monitor within a multi-monitor setup..For example: Main display can be set to turn-off after 30 mins, while others turn-off after 5mins... Or a setting for keeping individual timers for each monitor. ie; both monitors set to turn off after 10 minutes, but only the monitor I didn't use for 10mins will turn-off.. (can be done by checking if display content has changed by that time)

d) finally another key combination that effectively works the same as unplugging the display.. I am aware I can disable the second display with Win+P, but unfortunately it doesn't work with 3 or more displays..

I know there are applications to blacken the screens selectively... They help a little (monitor at least dims the backlight) but that is not really what I want. I think this has to be done on driver level and would be rather easy to implement.. Even flashing wrong bios will inadvertently achieve what I want; windows thinks display is connected, but display will says "no connection" and enter sleep.

Turning off all secondary displays' outputs should also solve the high memory clock bug* on non-matching multi-monitor setups..

*not really a bug, but to my knowledege mismatched pixel clocks require GPU memory to run at its highest possible clock to maintain vsync/blanking interval for each monitor; roughly tripling GPU's idle power use if you have 2 or more non-identical displays (identical means exact same brand and model, just running two different monitors at FHD at 60Hz is not enough)

I am sure everyone with multi-monitor setups will benefit from such customizability...

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