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Journeyman III

Reference 6950 XT 110 Celsius hot spot vs 69 Celsius GPU temp

Hi All!

I've received my reference 6950 XT 8 days ago, because GPU temp reported by MSI Afterburner was like ~80 Celsius, I've applied more aggressive fan curve, so my GPU under load reaches max 69-70 Celsius.


Back then I wasn't aware from where should I get GPU Hot spot temp, but today I've found that information inside both AMD Adrenalin software and HWiNFO. I was observing temps while playing Metro Exodus, and I've noticed that 110 Celsius is reached pretty quickly and 40 degree difference between ~69 GPU temp doesn't look normal for me.

To give you more context, my PC case is Cooler Master H500M, and my R9 5950x is cooled by Dark Rock 4 Pro.



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