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Adept I

Red Devil RX 6700 XT green screen on power on

I recently swapped RTX card for this one and immediately noticed that when i power on PC all post screen and BIOS is green in different shades and mostly white letters. Few red accents here and there. No artefacts or anything, everything seems ok except color. It`s the same in Windows until i install GPU driver. After that in Win everything is normal but Post and BIOS, or Win installation process is very much all shades of green. 

I use my PC connected to Grundig 4K tv which has HDMI 2.0 and i use 2.0 cable for connection with GPU since i used same setup with many previous cards from GTX to RTX lineup and have never seen this problem before. 

I tried with DP to HDMI adapter and same thing.

Is it possible that this is happening because HDMI output on 6700 XT is 2.1 and i use 2.0 cable??? But still my TV`s input is 2.0...

I don`t wanna buy HDMI 2.1 cable just to test this and turn out it`s the same thing. They are not cheap where i live, and i have no way to borrow one for testing.

My PC spec

Ryzen 5 5600

16gb 3600mhz RAM

MSI B550m Mortar

Raidmax Cobra 850w Gold PSU

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Adept I

What a wonderful community and forum... One whole day since posting the problem and not a single view, let-alone answer... :)))


Relax friend. With that said, since you were coming from an Nvidia card to a Radeon card, did you DDU the RTX drivers before installing the Radeon drivers? Sometimes that can cause funky happenings with cards when going from RTX to Red team and vice versa.

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Looks like this....Looks like this....My own answer was sarcastic joke... :))) Off course i used DDU, and fresh windows installation. Not because of this but regular maintenance. But the problem in general has nothing to do with going from green to red because it`s not windows related. I went from green and i got green again from red team :))). All jokes aside, i haven`t found single tread or topic on this subject anywhere on internet so i decided to ask at most obvious place. So far nothing concrete as potential solution. Not that it makes any problems except poor visibility before desktop, but if i can solve that then i might just keep the card. So far it works great in games, completely silent, temp quite low. But that green pokes me in the eye...

And the weirdest thing is when signal comes from gpu and tv shows picture, active tv input says DVI1 3840x2160 30hz... 1st, tv doesn`t have DVI port, and off course neither the graphics card. 2nd, when it comes to desktop it appears again and then it`s HDMI 3840x2160 60hz like it should be and like it was with nvidia card from power on. That`s why i suspect hdmi gen on my tv and/or cable i use. But like i said those 2.1 hdmi cables are expensive so it`s not smart to buy and to have same problem still

Adept II

Try changing your monitors colour format on your monitors settings from RGB to YPbPr or something to that effect, perhaps that will sort things out.


Thanks for suggestion but it is not a monitor it`s 58inch 4k TV.. Card was originally connected to 27 inch 4k monitor via DP and everything was normal.

The only thing tv has in options remotely connected to hdmi is changing EDID from Auto, to 1.4 and 2.0. Non of those work. 

Although i just realized i forgot to mention one more thing... Upon acquiring signal from gpu, besides the weird non existent DVI port, i get message on tv that is something like "Your adapter does not support 4k enhanced mode! Change hdmi EDID in settings"... something like that. But, as i said, that don`t work. It worked with nvidia card.. Set to 1.4 and it`s 30hz limit. When on 2.0, it works 4k 60hz as it should. But nvidia card has hdmi 2.0

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Does the GPU have any issues when plugged into a monitor rather than a TV?

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No. Everything is like it should be. I`m very convinced that 2.1 hdmi on gpu is the culprit here and for some reason it doesn`t work properly with hdmi 2.0 cable when connected to 2.0 hdni. Will just have to try and source one 2.1 hdmi cable and try. I just thought that anyone might have the same problem and possible confirmation that the cable is the couse