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Recently got new CPU for xmas. Now, Rx580 is giving no signal error on monitor.

So, for xmas I got the newer ryzen 5 3600 processor. During the install everything seemed gucci mane. This was like any other upgrade I've done. The only difference is this time I had used a can of air duster to clean out my pc as it was very very very dusty. Once everything was cleaned up I plugged in all of the cables to my PC and attempted to boot her up. Whilst doing this I did my best to make sure none of the components got that little bit of frost which happens when you get too close with the airduster. The gpu did get a little frosty but, I didn't think much of it. Well, on the initial boot with the new cpu installed all the fans were spinning and everything looks perfectly fine but no image is displaying on either monitor(I have 2). I just continously get a no signal error with my rx580. The trouble shooting I have done is test literally every port on the gpu as well as switch out monitors to test those and all cables were switched out with tested cables that absolutely worked. I tried to remove the cmos battery, left it out for 5 minutes and put it back in whilst holding the power button for 5 seconds still nothing. I reseated the gpu in the same PCIe socket as well as the second PCIe socket on my mobo. I even attempted to remove sticks of ram and place them in different slots and just tried to get my PC to post with one stick still no signal. At this point I've ordered an NVIDIA gtx 1660 as a cheaper replacement for the time being. I see that every fan spins except the gpu fans which I assume are because they're under a very light load. On the gpu I still get a blue light which I assume means it's at least getting power. I have absolutely no clue what may have happened here. I'm thinking the GPU may be fried due to possible dust particles ruining a connection within the gpu or maybe the connection between the gpu and the PCIe socket. Before the install my computer worked perfectly fine and right after I got nothing. I don't see any reason why the cpu and gpu would be incompatible. Is there any computer guru who would be able to assist me with this I feel as if I'm at the end of my rope. If it is fried I do plan on attempting to bust her open and do whatever I can to fix her up but at this time I'm hoping the new Gpu will solve my issue. 

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