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Journeyman III

Recent Graphics Lag - 7700x CPU & 7800XT GPU. Please can someone at AMD Help

Hi, is there anyone on here that can explain to me that why l've had no issues since it's building my PC back in October, but a couple of weeks ago my games have started to lag. I have a 7700 X CPU coupled with a 7800 XT graphics card. These issues I have had with lag and dropping FPS in games.

Recently I had found out about Radian Chill. And I have now capped my FPS at minimum 60 and maximum 165, which is my refresh rate of my monitor? But I never had this setting configured before has something changed, re-drivers etc? For example, downloaded the newly release game.

Supermarket simulator. As soon as I loaded up the game, it was stuttering extremely bad. Until I enabled Radian Chill within the adrenaline software, with the FPS capped as above. As soon as I did this, the game runs butter smooth. Am I missing something? As I never had to do this before As I never had to do this before each individual game.

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