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Journeyman III

Random flashing and solid green screen

I have just purchased a WX2100 card for a 3 monitor setup.

I get random blank screen/green screen/proper display cycling.

I have done a uninstall with the AMD clean utility and installed 3 different versions of the driver with the same results.

I am using all 3 ports, but have had the issue with only 2 plugged in.

I am using DP to HDMI converters. I've used multiple cables, and the issue seems to follow the port that is being used, for the moment it is not doing it but it has started back on me already before the latest uninstall and reinstall of the drivers.

I don't think it is a cable issue and I really don't think it is a hardware issue with the card, and it seems AMD no longer has support for their products. Any ideas what is causing this?


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