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Journeyman III

Random black screens RX 6950 XT

Not to long ago i switched form an Nvidia / Intel Setup to an completely new full AMD Setup.. From the begining i encountered a few black screen but thought i've fixed them with chipset and bios updates. Now, begining from yesterday i experienced 2 black screens again, one yesterday the other just a few minutes ago. They seem to be random, and not while i am ingame.. I'll post my setup and stuff i tried already.. I'm really don't know what to do anymore..

Mainboard: MSI MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WIFI 

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X + Xilence XC980 AIO

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-4000 DIMM CL18-22-22

M2 1: Samsung 980 Pro

M2 2: XPG S50 Lite

GPU: Sapphire Readon RX 6950 XT LE Gaming Toxic

PSU: 1000 Watt be quiet! Straight Power 11


What i have done:

Installed latest Chipset and BIOS Update

Reinstalled AMD Drives safley with DDU and kept them up to date.

I use 3 different slots form the PSU for the power supply to the gpu. 

Made sure everything is setup correctly, plugged in correctly on the mother board, ram setup is correct and i checked if it makes a difference to run XMP or not (it doesn't).

While running a benchmark everything seems good. i don't have any weird spikes in performence or temperature. 

At start gifs and youtube caused seeable problems. i could stop that by disabling the onse setting i just can't remember the name of in english, sorry!


I hope someone can help me with the problem. If not my next option would be to send in the card.. 

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Adept II

Same as,

There is no problem in the game for hours (realy maybe 4+h non-stop), but I come across it randomly while working in photshop or in the surfing web browser.

Adept III

try turning off hardware acceleration in browser, discord anything you can really. while not quite the same, quite a few people have reported GREY screens (driver crash PC unresponsive, must reboot pc from button). every time it seems to be hardware acceleration, Samsung g7 240HZ monitor (or 240hz monitors in general) or G Skill ram. personally, mine appears to be either the 240hz monitor or hardware acceleration, and im leaning more to hardware acceleration as i have not had a grey screen in nearly a month now after turning it off everywhere i could find it

Journeyman III

for my part its not grey screens. its just black screen and then the pc reboots itself. and yeah, hardware acceleration is what i meant above, i already turned that off.. Its really really strange.. i can't reproduce how it happens, it doesn't follow any rule and there are also days where it never happens.. but thanks for your input, maybe it helps jdmpower

Adept III

So, the rules I've found to be fairly accurate and easy to reproduce:

use a 240hz monitor

have discord open using hardware acceleration 

have YouTube playing a video (edge browser) with hardware acceleration enabled. 

play league of legends.

when the YouTube video finishes while you are mid game, you seem to have a 50/50 chance of grey screen, PC locks up (audio still playing fine) and need to reboot via front panel button.


with all these conditions i could guarantee at least 1 crash per day minimum. about 4 games played per day.

Adept I

You can try to manipulate [i dont say edit] TDR settings if your on windows.

TDRmanipulatorv12 from Wagnardsoft the guy that makes DDU .



6800XT Pulse,2700X @4 Ghz allcore,X470 Crosshair Hero VII,32GB Gskill 3600mhz B-Die,