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Radeon Wattman settings - System failure

This is happening to my monitor once in a while. Only remedy is to unplug the monitor and plug it back in. Simple PC restart does not solve it. (FYI the noise/fuzz you see is not stationary, it's moving all about)

This has happened browsing the net, watching video and playing WoW (three separate instances).

New PC build and new monitor. Using an AMD card in (5600XT) and had this happen a few times. I googled the issue and found something similar to AMD folks - black screen, not fuzz screen - but upon restart the message was the same, along the lines of radeon wattman reset due to unexpected system failure. I cleaned up registry, have the latest driver (did a clean install, etc) did a few other things suggested in the list, reset MB and GPU to defaults. Still happened. I've monitored temps as well, rarely above high 60's.

Put in an EVGA RTX 2060 and the same thing happened within 30 minutes of using the PC. Using latest driver. Right now I'm plugged into MB graphics to see if the same thing happens in order to trial and error and narrow it down. Anyone have a similar issue? Does the fact that it happens on both GPU brands already tell me that it's not the GPU?

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Sounds like a bad cable. Are you using HDMI?


Displayport cable. Fairly cheap one from amazon. Cable Matters brand.


I suspect that's the problem. Can you borrow a known good one from somebody to test it out?

Or can you connect by HDMI to see if the issue remains?


The cables seem to have a high rating from buyers/users


That's why I purchased, seems to have a lot of buyers and mostly good reviews. I'd really hope it's the cable, but at this point have no idea. I suppose it's a cheap way to narrow the issue.

What makes you suspect the cable? Is it unusual that the only way to get the monitor to reset is unplugging it?


I don't know how unusual it is, as we have these issues reported infrequently. Most of the time it's the cable. Is everything set to default? Native resolution?

You might check for updates for bios, chipset


Yes, native resolution. I had OC'd the CPU and GPU, but set them to default once this started happening. Even after everything was default, I've had it happen more than once.

Updating BIOS is my next course of action if not the cable.


Sounds good..:smileywink:


Not the cable :) HDMI connection to the GPU game me the same result. Will test direct connection to MB graphics next.

Not GPU, just happened using onboard MB graphics. Maybe it's the monitor? I seem to be getting this to happen when I get a decent amount of resources going at once. CPU wouldn't make my monitor do that, would it? If not, feel like I'm down to the monitor being the culprit.



@pokester  or @elstaci  Maybe  jump in here...they are more knowledgeable with these type issues


FYI I did practically everything listed in this post with an issue that seemed similar:




Since the exact same thing occurs with two different GPUs that pretty much eliminates the GPU as the cause.

Could be bad RAM, Processor, PSU (defective or under powered) or cable as @kingfish suggested.

If you haven't stress test your hardware yet I suggest you do that to see if it fails any of the stress test.

I generally recommend, personal opinion, OCCT diagnostics software.

I would first run the CPU test and then the GPU test. Finally I would run the PSU test that stresses both the CPU and GPU at the same time to put the maximum stress on the PSU.

Keep a close eye on Temperatures and PSU Output voltages. The PSU Output voltage should be with a 5% tolerance.

If everything passes the Stress test then I would try a different Monitor to see if the monitor is at fault.  Maybe you need to change a setting in the Monitor Settings or Windows Settings.

What does Device Manager show for "Monitor" and "Display" ? Any errors or exclamation marks showing?

Also go to Windows Event Viewer under "Errors" an go thru all the errors and see if you notice any driver or file that is related to the GPU or Monitor having issues.

I would ask to upload and attach your DXDIAG.txt but that option has been eliminated in this new AMD Format.

DXDIAG.txt under the last category "Diagnostics" shows all the files computer is having issues with.

Also to check your Windows 10 OS please run in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell the following command line: SFC /scannow

See if it comes back with any issues.

Talking about Windows OS, do you have the latest version installed and fully updated via Windows update?

A lot to check but if can help to narrow or eliminate hardware or software issues.

Did a memory test, no errors. Did the SFC/scan, no errors. Have stress tested the GPU and CPU, never any issues, temps never even looked too bad - used OCCT and Furmark. 650w PSU, which should be plenty. i5-9600k, 5600XT, Z390a.

Have not done a PSU test.

No issues in device manager - shows vid card and Generic PnP Monitor. Latest driver for GPU.

Fully updated windows, no further updates suggested.

That leaves: Check Windows Event Viewer under "Errors", PSU test, DXDIAG.txt diagnostics. - oh, and update Bios perhaps, have not done that.

This is a brand new built PC. Edit: I feel at this point that I should just start fresh. Can I somehow reset bios/motherboard to factory state and reinstall everything from there? (especially if it is not the monitor at fault, which I can easily check tomorrow)

Thanks for the help.

Another edit: just happened again. As I said before, only affects the monitor, everything is still running, I unplug and plug the monitor back in and all is normal. Looked at the event viewer directly after and zero critical and zero errors in "last hour", so whatever it is does not show in event viewer.

Only thing DX shows that may be related to graphics is a couple instances of:

Windows Error Reporting:
+++ WER0 +++:
Fault bucket , type 0
Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: Radeonsoftware.exe
P3: 5f5979fc
P4: libGLESv2.dll
P6: 5d2cc711
P7: c0000005
P8: 0000000000189f3e

But radeon software isn't even running, and hasn't been the last few times this issue has happened. The last few times it has happened, I am doing a few things at once, maybe playing a game but alt-tabbed, have some browser windows open, watching a youtube vid, checking event viewer type stuff.

Seems like all your Hardware is checking good under stress plus your Windows OS seems to be in good shape and updated.

You can reset your Motherboard's BIOS two ways. The best way is to do a CMOS CLEAR. Which involves removing the Motherboard's cell battery for a short time. Depending on your motherboard each has a slightly different method to do this.

You can also go into BIOS itself and choice Optimal Settings which is the default BIOS settings.

I beginning to suspect it is your monitor at fault or a monitor setting that needs to be changed.

If you can use a different monitor and see if the same thing occurs or not. If it doesn't then you know the problem has something to do with your monitor itself.

You have a sufficient powerful PSU of 650 Watts unless it is a old PSU or a Non-Metal PSU. When you ran the Stress test were your PSU outputs within 5% tolerances by any chance. Especially your 12 Vdc and 5.0 Vdc.

I know that Users have been having issues with the Radeon 5600 series GPU drivers but since you mentioned it happened with both the AMD and Nvidia GPUs and their respective drivers unless both drivers were corrupted some how.

I would first eliminate the Monitor from the equation, even though it is a rare event, that is the cause of the problem.

Also I would follow Kingfish advice about trying a different GPU port to your Monitor. If your Monitor has both HDML and DP port try each one separately to see if the problem changes in any way.

If using your Integrated Intel Graphics and the same thing occurs that is a good indication it probably is the monitor.

My reasoning is you are using three different GPUs with three different drivers. I find it very unlikely all three would have the same exact issue.




Thanks. First course of action is trying a different monitor. Pretty sure DP and HDMI to GPU had the issue (both cards), DP to onboard graphics as well. Rosewill metal housed PSU, it is somewhat old though.

I will report back tomorrow.

So far I have not been able to replicate the issue today. I plugged in a different monitor (1080p) and played, opened apps, stress tested, etc. for about 3 hours with no issues. Hooked up the original monitor (1440) and have been doing the same for nearly 2 hours with no issues. I felt last night that the monitor would malfunction upon load, as in playing a game, alt tabbing and opening other programs or stress tests, but nothing is happening today even when I'm purposely trying to stress the system.


Just and update and thanks for the help.

Wasn't able to replicate the issue at all yesterday, was on the computer a good portion of the day today as well, and nothing. All the sudden tonight, have WoW up, alt tab to chrome to open a web page and bam.. fuzzy screen. I'm out of guesses.

Probably going to RMA the monitor and get a new one, go from there. Thanks again for the help.


Before RMAing your monitor I would first connect and make sure the other test monitor doesn't have the same issue after 2 or  3 days of being used.

If the test monitor works fine after 2-3 days without issue then that pretty much indicates your original monitor is defective and start the RMA process.