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Journeyman III

Radeon Vll Input Signal Not Found When Restarting

This my second Radeon Vll, first was defective. I do not game use it for Video Editing.

I built a new system around:

1. MSI X570 Unify Board (Latest BIOS)

2. Ryzen 3900X (No OC)

3. 32gb Gskill 3600mhz Ram

4. Corsair 850 watt PS

Win 10 latest updates.

Cosair MP600 1tb

First Radeon Vll when bench marking a 4K project in Vegas Pro would crash the whole system after looping a timeline. XFX tech said card was defective. This second card I put in tonight (new card not used) was looping with no crashes getting 11 to 19 fps. Which is really good compared to other peoples benchmark scores. But it failed a OCCT stress test. It just rebooted my system.  I have plenty of fans in system. Temps are fine in GPUz. I did run their stress test for a while and it did not crash my system.

In Vegas it renders great and timeline playback with 4K clips are playing at full rate.

I did try a nvidea 2070 Super and that card would average about 10fps. But it would crash Vegas but not my whole system doing the timeline loop.

Here is my problem. When I restart my computer I get the message "Input signal not found check video source Display going to sleep" Monitor will then go to sleep for a few seconds then go into bios screen and restart. The Nvidea card would restart without the monitor losing the signal.

Tonight I used DDU, went offline and used the  MS basic display driver. It restarted just like normal, did not lose input signal. Put on three different sets of drivers from AMD. 19.10.1 lost input signal. Used DDU again installed 20.1.4 and.3 drivers both lose signal.

I contacted MSI and XFX both tech departments said they have never heard any of this. I set in the BIOS PCI from Auto to Gen 3 same problem.

Any suggestions? I have a feeling the card is defective, but its working great so far for what I need it for. I did purchase a 3 year warranty from Amazon. So if card becomes unusable I can exchange it.

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