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Adept I

Radeon vii too hot when gaming

Just get radeon vii and test some games with it. The card is too hot when I played world of warcraft in 4K resolution ( max setting), the temperature is keep around 110 degree centigrade. When I reduced the resolution to 1080P, it still gets around 90 degree. Anyone have same issue with Radeon Vii?


I7 6700k

Gigabyte Z170

16GB memory

Radeon Vii

1000W power supply

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Adept I

system shutdown after 30 mins gaming play in 4K resolution for all the game, because of the high temperature of Radeon Vii

Adept III

I'm assuming you are talking about Junction Temperature (110 or 115 throttle limit)
and not Edge Temperature which is generally 25c lower. If not, something is wrong with the cooling (pad, fans or airflow)
I'm a Radeon Vii and pervious Vega 64 owner.
Undervolting is a must with Vega gpus. Any (Radeon Vega 2 Vii, Vega 56 or Vega 64) user must minimally tweak the gpu to decrease heat, power consumption & throttling at same stock speed (no overclock) because they all ship with high voltages.
Mine is stock 1075mV, manual undervolt to 995mV
Temps went down from 75c to 65c
Junction temp from 105c to 88c
^ Stock speed, uncapped fps and no throttling.

I try to reduce the voltage to 995mv( my stock is 1121mv), the junction temp still over 110 degree


Too high stock voltage, you can easily reduce it to 1020mV without stability issues.

Remember, each Radeon Vii is different.

Some can reach 945mV undervolt, but for me, I can't go any lower than 985mV.

Visit this google sheet, we are working together a build a library of undervolt / overclock numbers for Radeon Vii.

Google sheet: Radeon VII Undervolting / Overclocking - Google Sheets 


We also discovered that each card ships with slightly different stock core voltages.

Adept II

what happens when you turn on vsync


make sure you have good air flow in you chassis, I use rear and top fans to remove heat from the CPU area

the video card rides on the coattails of the CPU area exhaust, front fans bring cool air in

this idea should keep a video card cool too

yeah, I have top, bottom, front and back fans in the case, each side has two fans. the case should keep all the components cool. 


side fans are not very helpful

air enters front and out the rear/top makes for a better flow

psu on the bottom is  isolated

Adept II

Got mine under control and kicking arse now. 100fps+ Division2 on 1440p ultra. using 12gb vram too.

1950gpu, 1200hbm2, max fan 3300, pl 20%, 1080mv. max jtemp 112 so far..


Grats, nice overclock. I get 85-90fps on 1440p ultra. using 12GB vram too. 

1802 MHz, 1000 HBM2, max fan 2800 @ 87c, pl 20%. 982mV. max J-Temp 90.

I think I have headroom for overclock. Do you know what gives more performance? overclocking hbm or core clock? and which overclock gives more heat, hbm or core clock?


Below are the settings I am settling with. I've watched some youtube comparisons and HBM2 overclock fps gains are significant. Probably more than freq. clock but try applying these and you may well get both oc'd at non-throttling temps:

1901 MHz1052 mV1059 mV1200 MHzAutomatic120%19.3.365%110 °C
Firestrike. hours gaming Division2, Resident Evil 2
29443nice balance of fan audio, around the 3.1k mark max. no clock throttling. excellent framerates

Thanks, you are correct. I did find overclocking HBM only yield slightly more fps than solely overclocking Core Frequency. The heat generated is less too.

Here are my Division 2 benchmark numbers: Ryzen 2700x + 3200 ram (CL15) 

Default       : 6805

OC 1860    : 6932

HBM 1200 : 6968
HBM 1200 + OC 1860: 7119

Still need to tweak it further.