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Adept I

Radeon VII sometimes stuck at 800 mhz memory

After using the PC for some Hours and then starting a game the GPU is not working with full speed , the memory frequency won't go above 800 mhz even if i try too manually set it.

Only way to solve the problem is to restart the PC then everything is working fine.

Added a screenshot off wattman there you can see that it has 99% usage but the memory is only running at 349 mhz.

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Community Manager

Please provide the essential information required when posting a question.

Please also provide information on what game you are playing, what browser you are using, and is the browser running whilst you are gaming?

Adept I


This happens in every Game , but i mostly play War Thunder there it happens nearly every day , i tried closing everything in the background it doesn't help , i am using Firefox , when i restart the PC i can have the Browser open while playing and everything is ok.

Ryzen 2700x

Asrock X470 Taichi Ultimate

Windows 10 1809 with latest drivers.


Try disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox, restart and test.


After testing it for some days this seems to solve the issue , but Firefox is now laggy , will there be a fix for this so that Hardware acceleration can stay active ?

I will pass on your feedback. 

Please could you provide information on what driver version you are using and what game you are playing to reproduce the issue?



Sorry for the late answer i was not at home and were busy but the  problem is still there.

I am using the 19.6.2 Radeon Driver

Hardware is


Asrock Taichi ultimate

32 GB ddr4

This issue as far as i can see only in War thunder , it seems that the GPU thinks it is no ultilized enough and just keeps the memory at 800.

But after a restart it runs at 1000 mhz and it runs stable at 60 fps at 4k with no drops, when the memory is stuck at 800 it sometimes drops to 50 and GPU usage in the task manager is 90 - 100 instead of 70 - 80 .

How to reproduce it clearly i don't know, i just use my pc for webbrowsing and working for some hours and if i start war thunder then 99 % off the time i got 800 mhz memory frequency , after a fresh restart everything is ok , even with a browser and youtube open while playing.

Is there a option to force the GPU to stay at max clocks for certain games ?

I actually reproduced this myself using War Thunder.

In my testing it appears to happen if you have Google Chrome open prior to launching War Thunder. Is this the behaviour you see?


No after the restart i can open firefox before i start war thunder and everything is fine, but i am not using chrome , maybe a program that i am using uses the chrome engine and that causes it.

I had this issue again now , restarted the pc started firefox , chrome , youtube , thunderbird put it to standby and the memory frequency is always 1000 under load very weird , i bet after 1 or 2 hours it will be 800 again.

EDIT 17:23

Now it stuck to 800 again , i saw in GPU-Z that the UVD clocks suddenly stayed at 1133 and 971 while browsing, opened the game and max 800 mhz memory , also in my older screenshots you can see that UVD is not at the minimum frequency when the problems happens.

Also closing everything doens't bring the frequency down.

Actually i am not the only one : 



Any news , for this issue as it seems it is now new ?


Made a screenshot with the issue , i just had 47 fps when the screenshot was made , even the Radeon settings are lagging when the game was running you can see in wattman that it just sometimes spikes to 1000 mhz.

gpu bug2.png


And this is after an restart memory is steady at 1000.

gpu bug3.png

Adept I

I am experiencing this exact issue with any Hardware Accelerated application. Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Discord, etc.

Is the only fix to disable Hardware Acceleration for the applications?