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Adept I

Radeon Vii fan speed not increasing

Radeon VII
Windows 10

Bought the card 02-28-19. The fans stay ~850 and ignore any command to increase the fan speed manually (tried Wattman and a couple other 3rd party software), will not increase automatically either. This has caused the card to overheat and shutoff temporarily.

I have changed no settings prior to this happening.

I am using the GLOBAL settings in Wattman, not game profiles.
Previous onboard VGA/GPU devices and drivers uninstalled/disabled

Radeon Chill does not help in any way.
Radeon/Wattman drivers current 19.4.1

Uninstalled and reinstalled the Radeon/Wattman drivers a few times
Also physically removed GPU to check bad junction connection.
It's getting proper power supply via both power cables from Seasonic Focus Platinum 850
Uninstalled AI Suite and all other fan control software just to be thorough
Even better; I already RMA'd it with the Manufacturer MSI for this issue early March, just got it back 04-05-19 and it worked  fine for 3 days. Using the Wattman performance monitor overlay then and I saw the fan speed reach 2,500rpm and was overcome with joy. Only for it to be crushed last night when this issue reared it's head again (Mid-game). I am crippled with frustration and disappointment. I am forced to believe I am doing something wrong, can't assume it's the card, as I've stated, it's already been sent back to MSI for repair once.

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Sometimes GPU cards that are repaired are not repaired very well. To make sure it is a GPU card hardware issue. See if you can install it on another compatible computer. If it does the same thing I would RMA it again before the Warranty expires. If it starts working normally in another computer, than it is possible your motherboard or other hardware is causing the issue on your computer.

Since you mentioned it did work fine for three days, it sounds like the GPU card went bad again.

It is possible AMD Wattman is not configure properly. Maybe kingfish‌ or pokester‌ might be of assistance.

Here is another AMD Thread with a similar problem with the Radeon VII overheating due to the fan not increasing: 


Thank you for taking the time, but I do not have another mobo to try that with.
It pains me to imagine it was a bad repair, I may have to just accept that though. I called to submit another RMA.

Once it arrives in... May... I'll let this thread know the results after a week's worth of normal use.


Are you using any overclocking software that might override wattman, like Afterburner or similar?


No, I should have mentioned this (thanks for asking), but the Mobo came with a disk of software that included CPU and Case Fan controls "AI Suite Fan Xpert". I even uninstalled those programs, restarted, then reinstalled the Radeon VII and it's drivers. That aside I did a full blown Re-Formatting of the SSD and HDD today just to do a clean install for everything; OS and all. Then once booted fresh, default windows 10 everything and no other software at all, tried to install the Radeon VII, Wattman, and drivers and the issue prevailed.

To expand on the first sentence in the Original Post; I tried MSI's Afterburner program for 5 whole minutes before uninstalling that just to make sure it wasn't a weird bug in Wattman. That was after the issue presented itself.

Adept I

Hi, I now have this exact same issue as described The fans stay ~850 and ignore any command to increase the fan speed manually (tried Wattman and a couple other 3rd party software).  Can you please share how you ultimately solved the issue.  Did you RMA?  I've tried many of the same things as you indicated in your original post with no success.

I am using the GLOBAL settings in Wattman, not game profiles.
Previous onboard VGA/GPU devices and drivers uninstalled/disabled and used DDU software

Running X470 board with latest AMD Chipset Drivers

Radeon Chill does not help in any way.
Radeon/Wattman drivers current 19.5.2 & 19.8.1

Uninstalled and reinstalled the Radeon/Wattman drivers a few times using DDU software in safe mode
Also physically removed GPU to check bad junction connection.
It's getting proper power supply via both power cables from Seasonic Platinum 650

If anything else has experienced and solve, please advise.  I'm also running latest GPU BIOS. Thank you.


It was never solved, I spoke with them and they said they couldn't repair it at all. Then MSI sent me a refund and scrapped the unit. I wish you luck, though.

Adept I

Hate to be that jerk who necromances a thread, but I'm getting the same thing in September.  

Radeon drivers 19.9.2.  DDU'd it, And still nothing. 

What did you guys do to figure it out in the end? 

As you already know, nobody has followed up with a solution. I would contact AMD support and see if they have any advice: 


I have recently contacted AMD Global Customer Care and Gautam "helped me" determine that the Radeon VII will work in my older Intel I7-3770K system without issue (fans, boot-up, etc...), but it will NOT work on my AMD X470  motherboard with Ryzen 3800X and AMD has offered ZERO solution to assist in fixing the issue other than I supposed maybe go back to Intel?  Seriously, No Technical Response from AMD on how to resolve the issue.    

Now this is where it gets strange.  I decided to try running the Radeon VII (Slot II) and an older Nvidia GTX960 (Slot I) on my X470 motherboard and in that configuration the Radeon VII appears to function perfectly.  The Radeon VII fans appears to be working correctly and it also seems to fix black screen/slow startup and reboot issues I was having with the Radeon VII (only with the X470 motherboard) and those also appears to have been fixed with the dual card configurations.   

I'm not thrilled with a dual card configuration, but it is the only workaround that I have found that works.   It is also very strange that the Radeon VII works flawlessly in the Intel system, so I'm assuming this is a Graphic Card Driver, Chipset driver, or a BIOS (motherboard or Graphic Card) issue on the AMD side.  

Good Luck and if you find a solution, please alert the forum.  

Wow crazy. I'd like to say this is a new one, but it is yet another case of AMD GPU's working worse with AMD motherboards than the competition. That makes no logical sense but I have seen this a whole lot in these forums. Seems like nvidia cards work fine on AMD boards and AMD gpu's work better on Intel boards. I had the same issue with my RX 580. Works fine with my i7 but was unstable with my Ryzen board. They sell your card as pcie 3 compatible so it should work period on any compliant board. I hope you ultimately get a fix to this issue. I would however try to get this fixed through another avenue. I would talk to your motherboard manufacturer support team. Maybe they have contacts at AMD they can complain to on your behalf that gets some light on the situation. This is likely a bios or chipset software issue.  I most certainly will reply if I see a solution. So sorry for your issues. 

Thank you!


That would be funny if it wasnt so sad, Road 5582. 

I'm on X470 too. If you don't mind my asking, what board do you have? 

I'm on a ROG crosshair VII hero (wifi version) so in the unlikely event we're on the same board. We've found a common variable. 

The only other 'weird' aspect of my setup is I'm on an NVME raid-0. Which in theory means that my top 16x slot is running a bit slower because the top NVME drive is 'borrowing' 4 chipset lanes the graphics card would have otherwise used.
I don't see that causing issues though... 

At some point in the next few days I plan to swap in an old RX480. If the fans work on that, maybe the VII is faulty somehow? If the RX480 fans don't work either maybe we could assume it's software. I'll keep you posted!


  • Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi (revision 1.1) using the latest BIOS 
  • Running Samsung NVME drive in the top slot, but not running in a Raid Configuration
  •  Crucial (Micron) E-Die, but I doubt that would have any impact on this issue. 
  •  Radeon VII BIOS

I'm curious to see what you find and I may try to contact Gigabyte and see if they offer any solution based on they should have a Gigabyte Radeon VII card and Motherboard to test together.  I will let you know if they provide any feedback or suggestions.  Good Luck!

Adept I

Update; Problem still not solved. But here's the latest on my little issue;

Faulty fan connector? Someone in an old thread had their VII on maximum fan speed no matter what. Turns out the fan connector on the card was a little loose so he pushed it down and it worked perfectly. Gave it a go. Nothing. 

Different PCI slot? Dropped it down one to the x8 slot. Nothing. 

Old card? Swapped in the old RX480 like I said I would.... And the fans work perfectly. 

Damn it. 

If I had another system to test the VII in, I could narrow it down to faulty hardware. but as it stands, It could still be anything. Nearing the end of my rope here. What do you guys think? Should I just RMA the card? 

I would certainly talk to tech support about the issue. To me if another card works then likely the card is defective. 

If you bought a partner made card definitely talk to them too. 


Also have this problem.

About 3 month ago fans work propertly. But 2 day ago   Space Engineers  take me error with GPU overheating.   A check  temperature - 110 Celsius on hotspot, but fan speed - 910 rpm only.

check wattman settings - all default.    Set wattman to manual mode, change chart to 100% - no effect.   More - change settings, reinstall software, replug hardware and another - fans speed stay in interval 860-910 rpm.

 Say please - what result of your email to AMD support ?

Adept I

Well guys, my story has come to a bit of an unsatisfactory grizzly end. 

Just like the original poster, I wound up RMA'ing the card. They couldn't repair it, so the card was scrapped and I got store credit to spend. 

I'm sorry to say, if you're experiencing this issue you have a defective card and it looks like there's no way around it. The Radeon VII is already end of life, so if you decide to RMA it, chances are it'll be the last you see of it. 

I'm not super keen on the 5700 series, So my plan is to twist their arm into giving me a full refund, Repasting my old RX480 and waitingto see if bignavi turns out to exist and is any good. 

Sorry to disappoint!


Hmm.. I no have any reserve cards. And i like my RVII.

Maybe instead i modify  my  RVII  with external  fan speed controller, or change stock fan system to "EK Vector waterblock for Radeon VII" .

Adept I

It's a MAGIC..

After zounds useless manipulations with drivers, Windows, Bios and etc (as suggest me messages from technical support)..

I switch GPU fan control from graphic gard to external fan controller.

And have next trouble:

If card unplugged from motheroard, external fan controller  set  all 3 fan speed propertly, from 0 to 3900 rpm.

But if card plugged into motherboard PCI-Express slot, all 3 fans have rpm about 870-900rpm, and no more.

How it is possible - external fan controller cannot change speed of connected GPU fans ?     Radeon 7  card no have any coonection with  fans and  controller..

 Maybe POWER, line  12V, 5V ?  But  my Powerunit TermalTake TR2 750W have enought power, and all another device work propertly !

Hmm, ok.

I try  remove another devices and check effect. And..

Soundcard, DVD, SSD, HDD...

BINGO !   After removing old IDE HDD  250Gb (with IDE->SATA connector)  my GPU fans have full RPM range from external contorller!

Try connect fans back to  Radeon VII card - and.. all work !   Wattman set and change fans RPM manually and automatic..

Try insert back my old HDD - and... another wonder!  - all fans work, wattman work..

Say me ANYONE - what happened ?!!!  and WHY ?


maybe something was not inserted well physically, or maybe it resetted something in bios , or a bad connection made as been reconnected by manipulating hardware .., sometime when installing a new gpu you have to reset cmos or load "default settings" so by disconnecting some hardware it changed something somewhere


Sorry for brining this subject back up but there has been no fix  found , or maybe there has been, but I have yet to find it.

Problem is fan speeds stay around 850 to 920 bouncing back and forth to higher speeds but only for milliseconds at higher

speeds not long enough to cool anything.. I've tried different bios from different cards and still no difference 

I've also updated bios on mobo clean installs older drivers ... ive had this problem since i bought the card over a year ago i have 

RMA'D it and it came back and seemed to work for a couple days just like one guy here has stated  in the forums .. 

i thought it was something with my set up so ive been trying everything the card is useless to me unless I were to add my own 

cooling, but do not want to put more money into this card as I feel for 700 dollars was way to much for this card when the 2080

for the same price stomped this card any help is appreciated    


asus prime x570 pro

3800x cpu

16 g-skill trident z 3600 cl 15 

rm850 watt corsair psu

m.2 samsung 970 evo in top slot 

sound blaster ae-5



I never found a solution for this issue and AMD was zero help. Unfortunately, My Radeon VII failed about 90 days ago for no apparent reason and now is providing a Windows code 43 (dual card setup) and in a single card setup will not boot or display.  

After this horrible experience with AMD's flagship Radeon VII, I'm sad but will be moving an NVIDIA product based on how AMD treats & supports customers that purchased Radeon VII graphic cards. 

Good Luck!  


Sorry to hear about your problem have you tried the card in another system... When I first had my problem a couple of weeks after buying the card I had rma'd it and from what it looked like they sent me a new one it seemed to work for a coupke days then right back to the same thing I thought it was something on my side but never really took the time to figure it out as I don't really have the time when I get home from work to get into it ive had some time recently to mess around and started searching threads but can't find any fixes .. Would be nice if they gave us a tool to at least edit the bios for this card but they haven t even done that id be more than happy to use it .. My brother bought the 2080 the same time I bought this card and has had zero problems all around better fps cooler temps even at ultra settings I can't even play games at ultra or else the card just throttles down to 1300 mhz because the fans just don't kick in one year warrenty and now that its up they don't want to even answer my messages basically telling me to shove the card up my ass that would be all its good for I just feel used at this point paying 700 for a card they said was for gaming then changed their minds after they sell it ive been buying amd for years even when they aerent that good amd I think this is the last straw for me as well hope you get your cards sorted out somehow good luck

Adept III

Its broken card, 0 support from amd, total disaster and waste of money if you take this card for gaming

No-no-no !

I like this powerfull card. And as i see, card is no broken. I think - problem with power line.