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Radeon VII black screen and driver crash

For the past while I have been having an issue with my Radeon VII where on certain games it gives me a black screen and causes a complete driver crash. This is with all settings stock in Wattman. I have reached out to Sapphire since I have a Sapphire card and they're not helpful. I have re-installed Windows and done multiple DDU driver re-installs. 

My PSU is an EVGA SuperNova 750 G3, so it should be fine for a VII and an 8600k. 

My full specs:

i5 8600k @ 4.8GHz

16GB TForce Delta RGB @ 3200MHz

Asus Z370 Prime-A 

120GB Sandisk SSD Plus

4TB SeaGate HDD

EVGA SuperNova 750G3

Adrenalin 19.8.1

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19.8.2 is available

as for the repeated wipe and start fresh suggests you are able to baseline faults, wise thinking

which games have you tried?


The games that I have the biggest issues with are;

  • Sea Of Thieves - almost constant. Whether it be after 2 minutes or 2 hours, I will get a driver crash and a black screen
  • Stormworks - almost constant as well. Similar to Sea Of Thieves in how it happens.
  • Insurgency Sandstorm - Will happen occasionally, no real pattern.
  • Black Ops 4 - Sometimes I can't even get to the main menu, other times I can play for hours with no issue. Everything MUST be stock in Wattman for the game to even get past the title screen.

It doesn't seem to happen in games like BFV or any Battlefield game however, where I can have a solid undervolt and a slight overclock on the core and memory. Far Cry 5 is another game that seems to have no issues regardless of Wattman settings.

I've kept my card at stock in Wattman for a while now to make sure nothing else could be causing issues. I also have double checked the PCIE cables to my PSU and it's all fine. I'm using a single 8 pin per connector on the PSU. 

The next thing I might try is to load into my Manjaro installation and use something like Proton to try and play one of the games that cause me issues on Windows since the drivers are different. 


put the rest of the PCIe cables on the video card

also make sure the EPS12V are all connected


hardcoregames™ wrote:

put the rest of the PCIe cables on the video card

Sorry, I didn't really write it clearly. I am actually using 2 8 pin power cables from the PSU to the GPU. What I meant by "single 8 pin per connector" is that I wasn't using an 8 pin to 2x 8 pin cable. 


use 2 separate cables which is probably the reason for issues


I am using 2 separate cables. I have checked placement on the PSU and everything is fine. 


connor_price wrote:

I am using 2 separate cables. I have checked placement on the PSU and everything is fine. 

Reason for being so hard nosed on power is that many power supplies are not adequate for elite video cards

The EVGA PSU seems to be OK but maybe you should get HWmonitor and check to be sure the power is in spec

The run Furmark for a while and see if the card is stable 


No worries, I understand. The EVGA 750 G3 is a solid unit and should be ample for my VII and 8600k. 

I must admit that I've never stress tested the GPU to make sure that everything is working in spec. I'll give it a go when I have a chance a bit later today or tomorrow and see how it goes. 


I keep a tube of Arctic MX-4 handy to fix overheating processors and graphics cards

Some are scared of the fuzzy donut because it is so demanding


Ran Furmark for a while, card seems fine. It seems like a driver issue with certain games but I can't find anything about other people having issues with these games on the VII. 


check the event viewer and see if any problems with hardware

are you getting BSOD failures?