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Journeyman III

Radeon taskbar icons

I have an HP ZBook 15U G3 running Windows 10 (version 1809).  The HP specs say the graphics are AMD FirePro W4190M with 2GB dedicated GDDR5.  I have used this laptop for SolidWorks CAD for 3 years or so.  2 months ago updated the CAD software and after that it would tell me on startup of the software my graphics driver is not SolidWorks certified.  The software ran ok but eventually I got tired of the warning so looked up the driver and tried to update by downloading and running the file "win10-radeon-pro-software-enterprise-20.q1.exe".  Now the Device Manager says my graphics is AMD Radeon R7 M350 and the driver is from 5/11/2021, version 27.20.20903.8001.  SolidWorks tells me the graphics are Radeon R7 M350 and the driver is 19.Q2.  SolidWorks no longer lists my laptop but their certified driver last time it was listed was 20.Q1.


Since I have updated the graphics driver I get a little Radeon software icon in the taskbar.  Then another.  Then another.  I haven't counted but it seems like it can be 100 Radeon icons if I am on the computer all day.  I haven't noticed any difference in performance so I think it is just a nuisance, but I am confused how to do anything about it.  Is my graphics adapter a FirePro W4190M per the specs?  Or an R7 M350 per the device manager?  Are they the same?  Is driver version 27.20.20903.8001 the same as 19.Q2?  Is there a problem with my graphics software that creates 100 Radeon icons in the taskbar?


I appreciate any advice. 

Radeon taskbar.jpg

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"I have an HP ZBook 15U G3 running Windows 10 (version 1809)."

I would update Windows first, your build is from 2019.

If that doesn´t help, I would use DDU to uninstall the drivers, and install the latest one from HP. The message that SolidWorks is showing you probably doesn´t affect it´s functionality at all.

Here are your latest drivers: (Version from July 2021).

There was an old problem (with 1809), where having 'fast startup' and 'use my sign in' was fixed with later Win, update as well as newer driver.

Otherwise, from memory  is to delete every entry in task manager and turn off enable tray icon in radeon settings. 

Much better to put shortcut in taskbar.


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