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Journeyman III

Radeon RX580. Random freezes/crashes. Driver disconnects when it happens.


I am experiencing random freezes and crashes with my RX580. This has happened since i've assembled the system.

It (noticably) happens when I'm playing games or watching a video. When it happens, the game either freezes, screen goes black for a few seconds, or it crashes entirely. When this happens, the AMD driver icon in the system trey dissapears, presumably because it disconnects.

I've cleaned any drivers out, formatted and used a fresh install, used windows built in drivers before installing AMD ones. In all cases it crashes. 

Video card was sent to supplier, they tested it with no issues. I've tested my card on my old system, less frequent, but still crashes.


Ryzen 5 2400g

16g ram Corsair vengeance ddr 4.

Radeon RX580 (8g)

144hz/ full hd monitor problem also existed when i had a "regular" monitor.

Any ideas or fixes?



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