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Journeyman III

Radeon Rx 6800 weird pixelated boxes under load then freeze and black screen

Hi there i bought my card like 4 months ago until this day i had never experienced some kind of issue about it
Here is my PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 3600 @4ghz
Msi B350 tomahawk MB
16 gb hyperx 2400mhz ram (2x8)
Corsair RM 650x 80+Gold PSU 
Amd Radeon Rx 6800 @ Stock configs only personal fan curve
240gb Sandisk SDD

My problems started 2 days ago , i am using power saving mode for my monitors if i away from computer it just close screens when i came back i just move mouse and keep going. ( not sleep mode just screens) i was playing diablo 2 resurrected went inside for 20 mins came back but screen was not responding also i had never experienced this before and i restarted pc from power button and it came back to normal then i started diablo 2 again but it was weirdly lagging at the opening scene , i thought it was kind of update going on behind but there wasn't. after game launched first i had screen flickering then came weird pixelated boxes all over on my screen, at first i thought it was a game issue but 10 seconds later boxes freezed then 5 seconds later black screen appeared and it was all gone. PC restarted itself and got notification from Radeon Wattman restored settings. Card was running fine  i got good circulation on my case never reached over 70C under load , idle degrees like 38-42C.

I ran two times Furmark GPU stress test. First test was good on paper everything looked fine degrees and clocks was normal but pixelated boxes came after 20mins of benchmark it was stable on 68C and the same happened after boxes freezed and blackscreen need to restart it to use it again.Second benchmark started after every part cooled down and in 2 mins that was the same story it didn't last long.

2 days ago pc booted normally but today i had problems on my screen sometimes need to restart my pc to show screen for 2 times back to back, normally i have slow boot times because of my motherboard but i saw that lights cpu posted twice but gpu failed to signal at the same time.
What i have tried so far?
- Checked all connections inside the case everything looked good.
-Reseated the GPU to the same pcie x16 slot
-Tried second pcie slot
-Checked rams one by one

I searched a  bit on Internet but didn't find anything useful. Here i attached a example screen shot while playing tarkov.WhatsApp Image 2021-10-12 at 17.21.20.jpeg

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks.

1 Solution

Hardware fault.


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Hardware fault.



how much will it take the rma process do you have any idea? thanks for reply


It all depends on where you bought it. In my case I can return it in 14 days without explaining anything or exchange if it was with defect after SC confirmation of defect (usually month).

In your case consult with seller.