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Adept I

Radeon rx 580 4GB Laptop Graphics Card


from 2020 version 20.1.1 radeon software/drivers, FreeSync will no longer be supported. Would you please fix that in the new version Radeon adrenalin edition 22.3.3. It's a small must to fix. You can use the FreeSync part of the version Radeon adrenalin-edition 19.12.1, also works on Windows 11 pro. It is so added. Hope you fix it, at least they are original drivers for Radeon rx 580 4GB Laptop Graphics Card, and that should work properly.

Thanks Richard.

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Are you using an Asus GL702zc laptop? 60Hz or 120Hz pannel?


Yes, Asus rog strik gl702zc, 60Hz 3840 x 2160 4k resolution.


I also tried to use the drivers from Radeon adrenalin-edition 19.12.1, with version adrenalin edition 22.3.1, I got this to work, FreeSync worked, but didn't have all the functions, settings of version adrenalin edition 22.3.1.

no luck by me.


There will not be a fix for this issue ever, however there is a workaround provided by the GL702ZC owners in notebookcheck forums, that went offline, it requres a tweak in the registry to enable freesync, however i cannot share a .reg file here.

You can send me an email so i can send you the file or join the discord group of the owners, here you can get some suport even if the file fails to activate freesync


Hi caretaker, if you could send me the reg file that would be great. You can also post the contents of the reg file here, then I'll make a reg file of it myself.

Thank a lot. 

This is my email



hello, I suggest that you don't give out any personal data like your private email in Forums. It is best to do that in Private Messages.

Unless the email you posted is a commercial type email account or an email setup specifically to be used by the public.


Hi caretaker, I couldn't find your email address, so I posted mine here. 

Greeting Richard.


hi, How can I send Private Messages ?

Can you tell me ?



I imagine as a Journeyman III you should have access to PM here at AMD Forums.

I will show you with an image:

Screenshot 2022-04-02 161419.png

Click on the "MAIL" Icon and then click on "New Message" Input the User's AMD Forum's name and then follow the instructions.

NOTE: AMD forums and many other forums there are Spammers and if they see any personal data they will use it to spam you or someone can use your email or personal data in a malicious way. 

It is just safer when it comes to personal data on the internet.

I suggest you delete you email from your previous replies to be safe.  Just click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of your reply and click on edit.

Hi Elstaci, I haven't a mail icon on my page.

The the rest is the same.

But thanks for the info.

Seems like you haven't reached the proper AMD Forum ranking to qualify yet for PMing other Users.

The Moderators can probably give you access to Mail PM but its up to them.

Thank you Elstaci for your reply.
I'll have to wait a while, I think I'll get it soon.
I'm new to this forum, I've been on it a while ago, but I've lost my information.
Don't have that email address anymore.
But it will be fine, I think.
Have a nice day, enjoy.

I also cannot send you a PM

Just so you know im not a spammer, here is a screen shot of my laptop but i have a 1080p 60HZ display

Screenshot (2).png


It isn't DX12U capable. Even if it match the teraflops of the Xbox Series S(Which means nothing, given you're talking about two different uArch, the Xbox Series S should be much more performant), AAA games(Or games that require DX12U) won't run at all given that it doesn't has support for DX12U feature-spec.


Hi Caretaker, if all is well have you shared files with me via google drive? Thanks,
I haven't gotten it to work yet, but it will. I already had an idea it had to be in the inf files,
had already been working on it. It will work. I'll try to get the latest version up and running.
I'm going to compare the inf file of Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.12.1-Dec2(which works) with
version amd-software-adrenalin-edition-22.3.2-win10-win11-march24, for the values.
Should be OK.
It is not normal that AMD deliberately enters wrong values.
They are just trying to force people to buy a new laptop, while the radeon rx 580 can just run all the latest games, but is made impossible by AMD,
because they deliberately enter the wrong values ​​in the inf file.
It's not normal. It's just cheating people.
Sorry to say it, but just the truth.

You welcome Caretaker, and many others who are trying to do something about it, and help people what they are entitled to.

I didn't expect this from AMD.
They really only think about making money.
People who have bought an expensive laptop are cheated after a while.
First you are made tasty with the product, and then they adjust the inf, so that your beautiful and good graphics card is no longer useful.

Not normal.

Happy life for everyone, enjoy and let nothing stand in your way !


Caretaker, If you suffer from a lot of heat, put the Noctua NT-H2 heat sink compound on the cpu and gpu. It cool more about 30 to 40 degrees. The paste that is original on it is very bad.



Don't bother with INF files and tweaks, there have been so many solutions tried and most failed.

Install your desired driver double click to add the changes to your windows registry and restart, you should have a working AMD Freesync between 30-60 Hz. This file changes the reg hex code of the driver to these values:

100Hz -> 64 90Hz -> 5A 30Hz -> 1E 60Hz -> 3C 40Hz -> 28

Its dificult to explain thats why i sugested you join the discord server where there are only owners of this laptop there. You can find discusons about GPU unlocking, bios mod and unlock and some failed attempts to inject higher ryzen microcode into for CPU upgradeablility


P.S. i dont have issues with heating at all, running stock paste and drivers, my peak temps are 90 degrees during long renders and simulations. otherwise its mostly 50-60 degrees in normal workflow. But ill keep that in mind.


Thank you for the post however its off topic, its a normal daily driver issue not the ability to run specific games.

We are talking about AMD Freesync not working even when the device boots up to desktop mode not having anything opened


Yes, it sucks that it doesn't work. A new version of the Radeon adrenalin edition has been released, but freesync still doesn't work. Thanks for helping me.

Thanks Caretaker., the FreeSync.reg works, also with the new version amd-software-adrenalin-edition-22.4.1-win10-win11-april5.

Thank you a lot Caretaker.

Thank you Elstaci. And many thanks to everyone that have helping me.

Have a nice day and enjoy!

Hi @caretaker - this thread gives me hope! I know it's an old topic, but any chance you can share the file or the details of the registry edit again please - or alternatively, an invite to the discord server? Neither the drive or the discord link works any more.

I've just fixed up my mums broken gl702zc (fan controller went, fixed using a bypass I found on youtube), and installed windows 11 and latest drivers. 

Thank you if you are still reading!


yeap still here ill send you a personal message

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THE LINK TO 2 REG FILES, i dont know if they work on windows 11. they are for freesyn activation and GPU freq unlock and voltage unlock.

Adept I

No problem - we use Linux on this laptop anyway..